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Why is Eyelid Surgery a Priority During the Pandemic?

Although people stay home to reduce potential contact with the COViD-19 virus, cosmetic surgeries are still rising. Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, continues to be a popular cosmetic procedure amid the pandemic.

Since the eyes reflect an individual’s age as skin loses elasticity, people become more conscious about their appearance. Due to the number of active muscles around the eyes, the skin in that area shows prominent signs of aging. But why are people prioritizing blepharoplasty during a global pandemic?

The ‘Zoom Boom’ is Affecting Confidence

Most people had to stay home starting from 2020 to deal with the pandemic, requiring them to attend Zoom calls for work and social events. Cosmetic surgeries, such as blepharoplasty in Toronto, have surged despite lockdowns.

Since more people have been spending time in front of screens, they started to feel more self-conscious. Starting into a Zoom call allowed people to notice their flaws, such as droopy eyelids, wrinkles, or chin fat. As a result, people started inquiring more about cosmetic surgeries, making it challenging for doctors to keep up with the demand. Eyelid surgery has mainly gained popularity since it is one of the first things people notice during a video call or when they step outside, covering the rest of their faces with masks. 

Ability to Stay Home & Recover from Surgery

Due to government lockdowns and the requirement to stay home and socially distant, people have more time to stay home and recover. Many people work from home, so it is easier to recover from surgery without skipping work or explaining the treatment to others.

Getting a blepharoplasty during the pandemic is a more relaxing experience for many people who prefer to stay home and rest after a procedure.

More Money Saved up to Invest

Due to the inability to go outside and socialize, people can save more money and invest it towards eyelid surgery. Investing in blepharoplasty is a wise decision if you choose to undergo surgery for medical reasons. It can be challenging to deal with droopy eyelids or excess skin around the eyes when it affects your vision.

In addition, your eyelids might also be hindering your confidence and affecting how you socialize with people. So, the surgery will enable people to feel better in their skin and use their money wisely for a semi-permanent procedure instead of spending it on summer vacations or other social events.

No Pressure to Meet People During Recovery

Many people prefer to stay alone in their homes and avoid meeting others during a surgery recovery period. Since it is necessary for people around the globe to stay home and avoid socialization, it is the perfect time to recover from eyelid surgery.

Not meeting people allows patients to gradually recover in peace without sacrificing any plans or comprising their social life. If the surgery occurred before the pandemic, the patient might have needed to cancel plans or avoid social interaction, which is no longer necessary.

As eyelid surgery has remained a priority during the pandemic, it provided people with the opportunity to boost their health and confidence.

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