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Why Holiday Villas Are Better Than Hotels for Relaxing Holiday Stays

In our stressed and frantic modern lives, it is essential that we make time to recharge. To help recharge our physical and mental batteries, taking a holiday away from home can do us all the world of good. Sometimes a big part of ensuring you have a relaxing holiday stay is selecting the right holiday accommodation. Do you want a noisy hotel full of families? Or do you want a quiet secluded villa somewhere all to yourself? There are an increasing number of people who are making the decision to rent a villa rather than staying at a hotel, but why is this? After you’ve researched all the common travel mistakes you should avoid on your next trip away, make sure to do some research on which is the best place for you to stay.

Why should you rent a villa?

There are a number of advantages to renting a villa, among the most important being that a villa stay offers a far larger degree of privacy compared to a hotel room. A private villa may offer some neighbors but there will be no thin walls separating you from them. Staying at a villa also means that you will not be sharing amenities with strangers either, which is something to consider during the covid-19 pandemic right now. The pool at the villa is also reserved solely for your use rather than having to share it with many other guests.

While you may have had a stressful time finding all the best ways for how to fall asleep on planes, don’t let that stress continue into your holiday time after your flight lands. Here are just some advantages of staying at a villa that can leave you experiencing a calming and relaxing holiday, whether you are by yourself or with your family.

  • A villa stay is a great experience of a home away from home. You are not simply renting a bed for the night. You can barbecue on the deck, access the pool whenever you want to, and your kitchen facilities await your culinary creations. It is not simply a place to lay your head at night but rather an experience that is both comforting and rewarding. Staying at a villa allows you so much more flexibility with what you can do at your accommodation. 
  • While you might be wondering which destinations to travel to next post-lockdown, you might also want to think about the style of accommodation you are after too. Each villa will have its own personality and design. Rather than the ‘cookie-cutter’ appearance of a room in a hotel chain, the villa is a reflection of personal choice. Whether you prefer a rustic villa in the countryside or a modern property near the beach, there is always a villa that will suit your personal style.
  • There is also the matter of value for money. Renting a villa, especially for larger groups, compares extremely favourably with the cost of a hotel stay. If you are planning an extended holiday, then a holiday villa can save you time on eating out when you have access to your own kitchen.
  • Villas are also perfect for groups of family and friends to spend time together. Rather than block booking a set of hotel rooms and being isolated from those who are nearest and dearest, the villa experience is one that brings people together. Villas can also be a much more romantic location compared to hotels if you are celebrating a special occasion with your partner. Locations such as Greece and Spain have some of the best holiday villas for honeymoons and anniversaries that will make your holiday stay special.
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