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Why Every Girlboss Should Be Investing in Multi-Use Products

Any opportunity to save some time on our makeup routine, we’re willing to take. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about full glam as often as we can. But, full glam comes with a price to pay! That price being a few less minutes of shut-eye every morning. A girlboss has to do what a girlboss has to do, and multi-use products are every girlboss’s way of getting through the struggle.

Multi-Use Products

The name really says it all. Multi-use products are simply beauty products or tools that serve more than one purpose. You don’t have to designate a single product to each step of your makeup routine. Multi-use products allow you to pat the same one product on countless areas of your face.

Products that are popularly multi-use typically come in stick/cream form. There are countless crayons on the market that can be used for more than one purpose!`

Why Invest in Multi-Use Products?

The benefits of multi-use products are really endless. There is a reason after all for the hype surrounding them over the past few years. We’re seeing more brands like Glossier that target the busy bee girlboss. These brands try to create products that are mostly efficient and time-saving while still serving glam! Here are just a few of our reasons for swearing by multi-use products.

Save Some Coins

The truth is, it is hardly even an investment. Trying out multi-use products can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead of having to buy countless products for each step of your makeup routine, you can cut your makeup spending down!

We spend way too much of our money on testing out every new makeup product fad. Multi-use products offer us the flexibility and creative freedom to use that one given color in countless ways.

…And Save Some Space!

Makeup hoarding is a serious struggle. You just cannot avoid it. New products seem to be released every single day that we just have to have! We all end up with overflowing drawers and stuffing old shoe boxes with products. Things get seriously out of hand.

Who doesn’t dream of living the stress-free life of having your entire makeup collection fit into a simple makeup bag? Well, multi-use products can help make that dream a reality. With one stick covering your contour, your eyeshadow, your eyeliner, and even your lipstick- you can imagine how much you can cut down! Finally, our makeup can fit in that cute makeup bag!

Save Your Skin While You’re At It

It’s no secret that makeup isn’t great for us. The more and more we pile on, the more damage we’re doing to our skin. We definitely wish we could all cut down the amount of makeup we wear. But unfortunately, it is somewhat of a vicious cycle — the more makeup we wear the more our skin needs it!

Multi-use products work as somewhat of a savior for our skin. Instead of piling on tons of different products and mixing countless formulas and brands on to your skin, you can stick to just one. Using one single product saves your skin more than you could possibly imagine.

Cut Down Your Skincare Routine

Multi-use products are often spoken of when referring to makeup, but there are actually multi-use skincare products, too! Skincare products exist that work a number of steps into one product. For example, you have everything balms which can be used as lip balm, as your moisturizer, and even as spot treatments! Our favorite multi-use products are BB cream and CC cream as they often include a tinted moisturizer, color correction, and sunscreen.

See? Fewer steps in your routine could allow for more time in the morning and evening, less product build-up on your face, and some serious money savings! Sounds like a great deal to us!


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