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Why Do You Crave Carbs More Than Fats?

Why do we love eating carbs even more than fatty foods?

Sometimes you just can’t help it, you crave carbs. In fact, there may be nothing more satisfying than a thick slice of pizza, chocolate, or piece of cake that will comfort you and make you instantly feel better.
Why is this so?

In fact, you might feel yourself craving carbs even more than fats!
Well, you’re not alone. Japanese scientists conducted a study on how your brain either craves fats or carbs. And here’s what they found out.

It turns out that it is difficult for us to stop our cravings for carbs. It is just not a lack of will power, so stop feeling guilty if you just can’t say no to an extra slice of pie. According to this study, social stress can activate neurons in your brain that triple your desire for carbs and starchy foods. Social stress also halves the cravings for fat! So, no wonder why you may reach for a gallon of ice cream after a bad date!

Researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Physiological Sciences discovered that will power alone may not decrease your appetite for carbs after a stressful social situation. They believe that this research could provide valuable information on how to stop people from eating too many carbs, sweets, and junk food.

Scientist Yasuhiko Minokoshi said, “Many people who eat sweets too much when stressed tend to blame themselves for being unable to control their impulses. But if they know it’s because of the neurons, they might not be so hard on themselves.if we could find a particular molecule in the neurons and target it specifically to suppress part of its activities, it could curb excessive eating of carbohydrate-heavy food.”

So, if you crave carbs when you are stressed out, realize there is a scientific reason for this and you are not alone. Hopefully in the near future, science will be able to find a way to naturally curb these cravings. Until then, don’t be so hard on yourself!

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