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Why Do People Prefer to Move to Spain After Their Retirement?

After spending your years working hard to create a financially stable structure for your family and you, the day has come to retire. But retirement does not have to mean continuing the same routine in the same place for the rest of your days.

Retiring in Spain is becoming a popular choice for many US retirees for very good reasons. This beautiful European country isn’t just pleasing to the eyes; it also offers many other beneficial features to retirees.

Why Retire in Spain?

If the thought of retiring in Spain has never occurred to you before, then this list of benefits will help you decide.


Spain offers an affordable lifestyle that is perfect for retirees. The cost of living is very reasonable when compared to the US. For around $2,083 per month, or about $25,000 to $30,000 a year you can live your best lives in this sunshine-filled country.


If warm, cozy weather is what you are after, then Spain is the place for you! The coastal region of this country has beautifully pleasant weather with mild winters, which many retirees from the US love.


Spain’s affordable private healthcare offers many inexpensive plans. In comparison to the hefty bills, you might receive in the US, Spain’s typical healthcare plans can range from $40 to up to $150 a month per person. And while dental and prescriptions aren’t usually included, they are priced far more reasonably than in the US.

Public Transportation

Spain offers excellent transport connectivity at great prices. The buses and subway system are very well-designed, allowing you to easily travel around the country.

Best Places to Retire in Spain

Before we get to the best part, let us talk a bit about the visa. Spain’s Non-lucrative Visa which is also known as the Spanish Retirement Visa is the one you will be opting for when you make the move. Financial means (without working) to support yourself and your dependents, if any, is the only requirement of this visa.

Here are a couple of benefits of this visa,

  • Does not require you to invest in the country, unlike the Spain Golden Visa.
  • Travel the Schengen Area with full freedom.
  • Bring your family along with you, provided you have sufficient funds to support them.
  • Easily achieve long-term residency and citizenship.

Now to the best part; The best places to retire in Spain!

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol’s 160 km stretch comes with an average of 300 glorious sunny days every year. This area also goes by the name Cost of the Sun encapsulated some very popular tourist destinations such as the Malaga and Marabella district. The place is vibrant with rich Andalusian culture and gorgeous beaches.

Costa Blanca

The beautiful white beaches, coves and inlets are the highlight of this area. This place encompasses attractions that include the Benidorm and Torrevieja, and Valencia’s extensive historic center and arts and sciences complex designed by the modernist architect Calatrava. Retirees can find expat groups around the area who have adopted the Spanish laid-back lifestyle.


The capital of Spain offers amazing culture, amenities, and nightlife, thanks to its central location. There is something for everyone here, from great food to world-renowned museums to beautiful parks that are great for a relaxing stroll.


This area offers the best of the seas and the mountains. The fairy-tale setting of the Granada area is heightened by the Sierra Nevada Mountains that offer skiing opportunities. A short drive will also take you to the Mediterranean coast. The unique landscape and cultural assets of this place make it a pleasant place to retire.

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