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Why Do College Students Have Such a Hard Time Writing Essays?

Before entering college, students should have achieved a high level of proficiency in the art of writing since they will have studied it for a total of twelve years in school. They should use their academic knowledge at the university level to hone their rhetorical talents while also investigating other fields of study. Reading and doing analysis are equally important aspects of this process, alongside writing and editing.

Instead, university students are finishing with holes in their education, a lack of experience in writing, and sporadic writing abilities. In point of fact, it seems that the vast majority of college graduates are unable to create an essay of adequate quality. Because this is the case, most college students opt to get online essay help to complete their assignments.

The majority of us are conversant with the fundamental structure, formatting, and prerequisites of an essay that is written to order. Even though writing essays is a typical part of a student’s academic career, a significant number of pupils are not psychologically prepared for this task. Perhaps, one could say this is down to writing anxieties experienced by college students, but then again, there are other issues that are responsible for this.

Instructional Holes and Omissions

Students in elementary and high school are not held responsible for producing work of sufficient quality, which may be one reason why college students are not proficient in the art of writing. Instead, the emphasis of the training has been on reader-writer workshops, which prevent pupils from gaining a knowledge of the fundamental linguistic building blocks. Students’ writing has suffered greatly as a result of an emphasis on full language.

In the last 10 years, there has been a noticeable decline in people’s attention to syntax as well as spelling, but this is not the only difficulty. The vast majority of students are incapable of constructing an argument that is cogent and reasonable. Their command of syntax is poor, and their persuasive talents are woefully lacking. Who is accepting responsibility for the gap in writing ability that has been identified?

Insufficient Prior Experience as a Writer

College students often have less experience in writing essays than high school students. Essays are rarely often assigned as homework by instructors, mostly due to the fact that educators struggle to evaluate student work when it is presented in essay form. As a result of the significant amount of time and effort required to evaluate written work, educators often choose to provide just general ratings rather than in-depth critiques and comments on students’ writing.

The Majority of Written Work Is of a Poor Quality

Students lack the necessary skills to write effectively, which leads to work that is below average. Nowadays, good writing abilities are only sometimes taught in schools. The reason why instructors in high schools don’t teach rhetoric is that they haven’t had the opportunity to study it themselves. 

Because they have a curriculum to teach, university lecturers do not have the time to teach students logic as well as rhetoric. This is because they have a curriculum to teach. It is taken for granted that college students would already possess the abilities necessary for writing, and it ought to go without stating that undergraduates should be able to create a sentence that is right from a grammatical standpoint.

Instead, the majority of students in college have trouble organizing their ideas in written form. They are not able to articulate themselves intelligibly and plainly in writing, and they lack vocabulary knowledge; businesses that are hiring college graduates have noticed this shortfall.

Challenges Students Face

Concerns Regarding the Formulation of a Thesis Statement

The formulation of an effective thesis statement is consistently ranked among the most difficult aspects of the essay-writing process. It is the most important portion of the paper, and it serves as a quick suggestion to clarify the writer’s goals as well as what the reader may anticipate by the time they reach the finish of the paper. 

When it comes to crafting a thesis statement that is not only intelligible and straightforward but also convincing, many students struggle. The only way to solve this problem is to get some experience and experiment with different ways of formulating a thesis statement. You can only do this by practicing. Having this information at hand will make it much simpler to construct a stronger thesis statement that is both truthful and clear. 

A thesis statement will not only serve as an introduction to the remainder of the paper, but it will also guarantee that the rest of the document is correct and stays on topic.

Creating an Introduction Using Words That Are Difficult to Understand

When it comes to the process of drafting and refining an introduction, students often struggle with writing challenges. When developing an introduction, it is essential to give careful consideration to the breadth of the material that will be included and to limit the amount of information discussed to that which is strictly necessary for the reader to grasp the purpose of the work as a whole. 

This involves avoiding terms that are difficult to grasp and terminology that is unclear, both of which may make it harder for the reader to comprehend the document or even continue reading until the finish. Because it determines the information that will be included in the remainder of the assignment, the flow of the introduction has to be accurate as well. 

Inadequate Supporting Evidence

If you are having trouble writing an essay, it is a good idea to contemplate adding more illustrations or facts to back up your arguments. This can be done in a number of ways. When students attempt to solve a problem, they often do so without sufficient proof or evidence, making the problem more difficult to solve. 

It will be challenging for the essay to endorse the issue if it does not include any data, any material from a fresh source, or even personal instances. For example, if the issue at hand is about the world wars, it would be beneficial to provide specific instances of the many parties engaged, the prices, and even the fights that took place. Because of this, the paper will be guaranteed to be thorough and include an adequate amount of information. 

In certain instances, you may need to gather evidence from a variety of different databases and sources. This may be a very difficult task, particularly if this was the first time the person is doing it or if the task requires them to examine a great deal of information. 

Insufficient Relevant References

If an essay does not include any references, the facts presented in the essay’s relevancy and validity will be called into question. If the writer does not provide credit to the many sources that were utilized in the article, this might result in complications, including instances of plagiarism. 

This is among the most widespread issues in scholarly work, and a significant number of students either do not properly cite their essays or do not provide enough references to back up their arguments. In addition, a lack of information about the appropriate citation styles and forms makes it more difficult to reference, which ultimately results in a student submitting work that is inaccurate. 

Citations are absolutely necessary in order to guarantee that the work contains genuine points that can be traced back to their respective sources. When producing creative work, however, this rule does not apply, and you are required to utilize your own thoughts and language. In a scenario like this, the use of references is not required.

Unable to Draw a Conclusion

In the same way that the introduction is an important component of the paper, the conclusion is as well. It finishes the author’s arguments and provides a summary of the whole piece. 

One of the most important pieces of advice for composing an essay is to be sure to include the conclusion. Despite this, many students either forget to incorporate it in their essays or choose not to do so since the assignment only requires a few pages or lines. The professor may get a false image of the student because of the absence of a conclusion, which may also lead to worse grades.


Writing is thought put into words. We will continue to provide credentials to university graduates who are unable to produce a respectable essay as long as we do not teach writing in a methodical approach that incorporates not just grammar, use, and semantics, but also logic as well as rhetoric in the curriculum.

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