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Why Are So Many Women Threatened by Beauty?

Why do some women hate other women who are beautiful?

It has been said that the most powerful creature on the planet is a beautiful woman. And indeed, men have crossed vast oceans, waged war, and fought to the death all for a beautiful face. If you hesitate to believe, look at Helen of Troy or Cleopatra for example; beautiful women have had the power to shift the course of history over and over again. And when you begin to understand the power of beauty, you can also understand how many are threatened by it.

So, why are so many women uncomfortable with beauty? Most women can recognize the power another woman has in her beauty. Men will open doors for her. She will receive lavish gifts. She will have the world at her fingertips. Not only will she receive material tokens of appreciation, she will receive emotional attention and support.

If another woman’s beauty surpasses yours, you might feel threatened. You might worry that your partner will be interested in a woman more beautiful than yourself. Your ego might be bruised as you will not receive all of the attention anymore.

But rather than be jealous of another woman’s beauty, why not celebrate it? After all, if you are confident in who you are it will show. And there is nothing more attractive than confidence. It is alluring to both men and women. People want to be around someone who is both confident and charismatic. If you are also confident in your relationship with your partner, there is nothing to fear. Yes, he is a man and will notice other women. Just because he is with you doesn’t mean he is blind. But, be confident that he only wants to be with you.

Perhaps jealousy is embedded into our genetic coding. Darwin talks about survival of the fittest. It is imperative that your genetic coding survive to the next generation. So, if a more beautiful woman is around, you might not get the male attention you want. Hence, jealousy is there for a reason: it prompts you to make decisions that allow for the optimum chance of survival for your offspring. Eons ago, keeping a man around gave the best chance of survival for your children, and if you saw another woman more beautiful that could take him away, you made certain she didn’t stay.

Today however, things have changed. We should support other women regardless if they are more beautiful than us or not. After all, there is strength in numbers and in unity. If we can achieve a more enlightened position where we celebrate the beauty of women, it will only help us as a society.

While watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show one year, I was amazed at the tall, thin and lithe bodies that graced the runway. For a moment, I started feeling badly about myself. Then, I stopped. Why? I realized that I should be celebrating the beautiful bodies that were walking down the runway rather than eyeing them jealously. These women make up less than 2% of the population. In a sense, they are freaks of nature at 5’10”, a size 0, and not a drop of fat on them. Most women do not look like this, nor did nature intend for them to be.

In fact, a recent study showed that the size of an average women in America is now a size 14. That’s right, let that sink in for a moment. Yet, we look on almost every glossy page in a magazine and the model looking back at you is a size 2!
Sure, no wonder you might feel a bit jealous, but it’s okay. Learn to celebrate women’s bodies, 2 to 14 and beyond! Let’s face it, we are not all going to look like Gigi Hadid and that is okay.

Instead of being jealous of another woman that is beautiful, try striking up a friendship. You just might be surprised at the long-term relationship that you could build with someone who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

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