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A Modern Way to Whiten Your Teeth with Ease

Let’s face it, we all want whiter teeth. Our society views bright, clean, healthy teeth as an admiral quality. Especially if you work in a profession where you have to work closely with people on a daily basis, you always want your smile to reflect the best version of yourself. So how can you do that when sugary foods and staining soda drinks are such a big part of our culture? Well, you make a commitment to whitening your teeth. After you whiten, you need to follow up with your commitment by cleaning your teeth daily.

You can avoid getting stains on your teeth as much as possible early on by eating foods that are naturally known to whiten them such as strawberries, apples, celery sticks, carrots, oranges, and pineapple. So, eating better is a good first step, but you probably need more than that for your initial teeth whitening.

What Do We Think is the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

We found the Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit to be the best new way to whiten your teeth. There are a few advantages that make it stand out from other teeth whitening kits. First, it comes with a shade guide; so, before you begin whitening you can record the shade of your teeth, and you can compare it again with the final result.

While Novashine uses whitening gel in a mouthpiece like many other kits, they truly put a modern and efficient swing on teeth whitening by having the mouthpiece plug into your phone to light up, which amps up the whitening. What a great idea! When you’re taking 10 minutes to sit back and whiten your teeth while hanging out in bed at night, what are you naturally going to do? Pick up your phone. Well, now the light is powered by your phone so you can make your time winding down on your phone part of your whitening routine.

How Can You Keep Your Teeth White After the Initial Whitening?

Teeth maintenance is always an important part of your daily life. You should never neglect your smile. After all, it’s one of the first things someone will notice about you. In order to keep your teeth white after you get them to your ideal shade, be sure to brush daily. But don’t just brush, be sure to use a whitening toothpaste. Novashine has one made out of peppermint, tea tree oil, and coconut oil that is also vegan and cruelty-free.

Be sure to brush in between meals. It may seem excessive, but brushing in the morning, in the afternoon, and again before bed is actually a good and healthy routine as long as you do not brush aggressively. Think about adding a whitening rinse to this routine, too.

After your initial whitening, if you need little touch-ups here and there, putting whitening strips on for 30 minutes a couple of days before you need the touch-up will show results in most people. But make sure you look for cruelty-free brands, as they are hard to come by in the whitening areas.

Now that you know the secrets whiter teeth, go out there and show the world your best smile!


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