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Which World Do You Live In: The ‘Glam’ World or the ‘Real’ World?

As we move into 2021, it’s becoming more and more clear that people live double lives. There’s the ‘glam lives’ they showcase all over their Instagram and social accounts, and there’s the ‘real lives’ they tend to keep others shut out of.

The ‘Glam World’ consists of trendy makeup, big hair, tiny waists, and beautiful travel backgrounds. It’s the world people put out there for others to see. It’s a world that shows them as beautiful, perfect, unbreakable, and unattainable. It shows them in the most beautiful locations. It shows their beauty on their best days. It shows their most important accomplishments. While, in theory, this is the perfect world, this ‘glam world’ tends to show a fake version of who we are.

The ‘Real World’ consists of gadgets, technology, sweatpants, and natural makeup or naked faces. The real world is the world we live in every day. It’s the world that most people don’t get to see. The real world isn’t as fun because it consists of our naked faces- or faces with more natural makeup and hair. This world consists of us sitting around in everyday clothes at our homes on our computers. It’s the same mundane tasks we accomplish day after day. It’s the foundation of what makes us who we are. And, guess what, while it doesn’t seem as sought-after or posted about, this world is becoming more of the normal. After all, it’s who we really are. And shouldn’t we be happy with our authentic selves? Well, it’s on trend to be a real person in 2021!

What do I mean? Think about how on trend implants were in the 1990s and early 2000s. Women didn’t want to be natural. They strove for a more “enhanced” body. Well, implants are out! As we realize the harm they are doing to our insides (see Breast Implant Illness for instance), we are removing them. Natural is in! Big hair and wild glam used to be what women aspired for. Now, however, we’re seeing more and more people post cute, natural looks, and they are trending. Again, the natural is in!

As we are forced to go more digital with COVID, technology is coming to the forefront of our society. And being nerdy doesn’t seem so ‘uncool’ anymore, does it?

Our world is evolving, and being a real person is becoming more and more attractive as the fake “Instagram bodies” seem to be going out of style- we hope anyway. So, for this year and beyond, embrace the real you! You’re on trend! Stop trying to live up to altered expectations that you won’t be able to achieve without going under the knife. Love your curves. Love your bones. Love who you are naturally. With COVID locking people into their homes during 2020, we have been forced to face our real selves. Get to know the real you and love her. Tell her that you accept her, and be on trend this year just as you are!


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