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Which MCT Oil is Best for Weight Loss?

Gaining weight is easy. However, losing a bit requires a lot of effort. In fact, one can only lose weight easily when plagued with a disorder. Otherwise, a lot is involved in weight loss. But over time, humans have tried to devise ways of facilitating weight loss. The most common approaches include exercise and dieting. Both involve burning calories. Usually, one gains too much weight when his or her body burns less fat than what is consumed. A combination of the two options work better for weight loss. But today we want to discuss one dietary solution that helps with the issue of weight loss – MCT oil for weight loss. Which MCT Oil Is Best for Weight Loss? Today’s discussion is meant to answer this question.

MCT is an acronym for Medium Chain Triglyceride. Basically, these are fatty acids with medium-chain carbon in their structure. MCT oil has been proven very effective in fat burning and weight loss. For instance, many studies have confirmed that MCT oil has a direct effect on fat burning. This is because it facilitates the burning of fats in the liver and other body tissues. Besides, MCT oil is an effective supplement to the keto diet. Basically, the keto diet advocates for low carbs intake with the high consumption of fat. If this happens, the role of energy production is shifted from glucose to fat. When fats are broken down, the ketone is produced and that is why MCT oil is more ketogenic compared to LCTs. Additionally, MCT oil has probably 10% lesser calories when compared to LCTs. As we earlier highlighted, it is the number of calories in the body that contributes to excess body weight. What is more, MCT oil can be utilized as an instant energy source by the body. This means it will be entirely pointless to store fats in the body.

Best MCT Oil for Weight Loss

I believe you now know the significance of MCT oil. The recent increase in popularity is attributed to its effectiveness in weight loss. Nevertheless, there are different types of MCT oil, all designed for weight loss. The following are different types of MCT oil for weight loss:

Onnit MCT Oil

We have repeatedly mentioned that MCT oil is good when used to supplement Keto. And here is one of the best types of MCT oil that can be used in this regard. Onnit is a successful fitness institution established back in 2010. The company has had tremendous achievement since its formation. It produces different types of MCT oil such as:

•    Regular MCT oil

•    Emulsified MCT oil

•    Savory MCT oils

The fact that this MCT oil is effective in the ketogenic diet makes it the best choice for weight loss. Remember Keto Diet is one of the best strategies for weight loss. It helps in fat burning and results can be achieved within a short period. While in the state of ketosis, the liver breaks down MCT oil to produce ketones which are used as an instant energy source. Onnit MCT oil once consumed enter directly to the liver without undergoing the usual digestion process and that is why it is effective in weight loss. The following are of the essential information about this product:

•    Serve only 1 tablespoon

•    Contains 125 kcal calories in each 1 tablespoon. This content is very low

•    The available bottle size is 24-ounce.

•    Has 13.7 MCT content

•    Its MCT composition includes:

a)    Caprylic acid

b)    Capric acid

c)    Lauric acid. The acid is essential for gut health due to its antibacterial features.

•    It is free from palm oil

•    This a dairy-free product.

With these features, this a fantastic product worth your trial. Nevertheless, the wise say every coin has got two sides. The following are of the features that may be of concern about Onnit MCT oil:

•    There is only a single bottle size

•    Some users complained of some minor digestive problems

•    No 100% C8 MCT oil

There are so many benefits you are going to get from this product. But if not convinced, there are other essential MCT oil for weight loss. So, continue reading…

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Bulletproof has been in the industry for so long and continues to live to its expectations. It has continuously produced top-quality octane oil, and that is cherished in weight loss. The oil is purely extracted from coconuts and its distillation process does not involve chemicals. It made absolutely from C8 MCTs which are effective in producing ketones when compared to other MCTs. Using this product makes you full and focused relatively longer. From users’ reviews, the nutty flavor is one of its attractive features. It has a fantastic taste as a constituent of bulletproof coffee. It can as well be used in such foods as salads and sushi among others. The following are material information relating to this MCT oil:

•    The serving size should only be 1 tablespoon

•    It has only 130kcal calories in each serving

•    It has a maximum MCT content of 14 grams.

•    Caprylic acid is the main MCT component is its composition.

•    There are several bottle sizes

•    A 3-ounce bottle should be acquired and tried before one start using larger amounts.

•    Has a higher MCT content.

•    It is made absolutely from coconut oil.

This is a fantastic product. The only problem is that the bottle design is displeasing in the eyes of clients. There is yet another option…

MiCkey T Eight MCT Oil

Here are another top quality and 100% MCT oil for weight loss. One of its main outstanding features is its ability to last longer when compared to other brands. Besides, it can enhance ketosis relatively faster than other MCT oils. Its main features include:

•    It is odorless

•    Limited calories in each serving

•    One tablespoon serving should be enough

•    It is colorless

•    Can be used for cooking

•    Blends well coffee as well as other beverages.

Sports Research MCT Oil

Sports Research produces supplements and oils that enhance the performance and overall health of individuals. This MCT oil has been positively reviewed by many users. It has a lot of outstanding features and guarantees effectiveness if appropriately used. The following are basic information about its usage:

•    The serving size should be 1 tablespoon

•    It has 125kcal calories in each serving.

•    Contains 13.7g MCT content.

•    The MCT composition includes:

a)    Caprylic acid

b)    Capric acid

c)    Lauric acid

•    It is free from palm oil

•    Has very low calories.

Left Coast Performance MCT Oil

This is an MCT oil made purely from coconut oil. The oil contains Caprylic and Capric acids. From users ‘reviews, it is a very effective product. The calorie content in this product is relatively less but has a higher MCT content compared to other brands. The following are other basic information about it.

•    Only 1 tablespoon is enough.

•    Contains 126 kcal calories in each serving.

•    Has 14g MCT content.

•    Contain only Caprylic and Capric acids.

The Bottom Line

MCT oil has a lot of health benefits. It is very effective for weight loss, especially when used as a supplement for a keto diet. There are different types of MCT oil for weight loss. We have discussed the top five in this blog. Based on the features of each one of them, which one would you say is the best? 

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