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Which Brand of Jewelry Is More Ethical?

This jewelry brand is more ethical than others!

When it comes to jewelry, you might be wondering which brands source their minerals and gems in a responsible fashion? Well, Human Rights Watch examined 13 major jewelry brands to see which ones were sourcing responsibly.
Which brand came out on top?
Tiffany & Co.!


So now there’s another reason to love getting a little blue box! Because according to Human Rights Watch, this brand is concerned with responsible sourcing and makes certain steps are taken in doing this.


Advocacy director for Human Rights Watch, Jo Becker, said, “Overall, we were looking at what do companies do to make sure their gold and jewelry aren’t linked to human rights abuses. One good way of doing that is being able to trace where your gold comes from.”



And the Human Rights Watch said that consumers should be aware of where all of their gems and minerals come from and how they are sourced, not just diamonds. Becker went on to say, “Mining in general, whether it’s diamonds, gold, or another mineral, is riddled with human rights abuses. We’ve done research on gold mining, diamond mining in Zimbabwe, which is not a conflict country, but there are really significant health hazards.”


And many don’t know that children are harmed or even killed by working in mines. And these mines in turn also pollute drinking water with chemicals that are toxic.

The report by the Human Rights Watch is aptly entitled #BehindtheBling and rates Tiffany & Co. so high because three-quarters of their gold is recycled.
The remaining quarter comes from a mine in Utah.

Which companies rated “moderate”? Bulgari, Cartier, Pandora, Signet, Zales and Jared.
Who received a “weak” rating? Harry Winston and Chopard.

Today, Millennials are concerned with ethically sourced items and this includes gems, stones and minerals.
So, responsible sourcing is good both for the environment and business!


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