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Where to Eat in Mendocino County (For Vegans!)

There is nothing like going up north and experiencing the perfect mix of natural, local-grown herbs, spices, and vegetables. During our trip to Mendocino County, we were blown away by how sustainable the town was. Most places we visited grew their own food, and when they wanted something they didn’t have, you can bet it came locally from within the town. Because of this, there were few preservatives and few items that weren’t immediately fresh. Needless to say, it is an experience like no other to eat along the Mendocino Coast, and we were thrilled to do so. While they weren’t fully caught up on a variety of vegan options yet, they were still able to accommodate the vegan lifestyle. Let’s talk about our favorite dining experiences while we were in Mendocino, CA.

Little River Inn Restaurant

The Little River Inn Restaurant makes you feel as if you are in a fairy tale. The front of this charming inn towers over the sea, and it offers the perfect view at sunset. As they took us back into the restaurant, we were seated in the back patio which was covered and strung with lights. There was greenery and nature all around us, and it provided for the perfect dinner experience. For vegans, Little River Inn offers a few starter options including a delicious serving of olives and a mixed green summer salad. Both hit the spot just right! For the main course at dinner, we recommend trying the Ratatouille, as it is rich, delicious, and filling. Ratatouille is a unique vegan dish that feels very different compared to many staple vegan meals, so we feel it’s always worth the try. And here it was delicious!

HarborView Bistro and Bar

The HarborView Bistro and Bar provides you a picturesque setting to indulge in delicious meals as you watch the boats go by. Placed right over Noyo Harbor, it is the perfect environment to enjoy a nice meal by the water. For a starter, they can easily make the Brussels sprouts a vegan option, and they are absolutely unique and delicious. We’ve never had Brussels sprouts taste so good! For the main course, you can try the Farro Bowl which mixes many delicious flavors together or you can have the Impossible Harbor Burger! It’s always nice when there is a vegan burger option on the menu, so we definitely went with the burger, and we were not disappointed! The HarborView Bistro and Bar offered fine vegan dining with an impressive view!

The Inn at Newport Ranch

By now, you’ve probably read all about our experiences at The Inn and Newport Ranch and how much we loved our time there. But we want to share more details with you about their vegan options. When you have a dietary preference, they let you know that the chef will accommodate your needs, and you sit back while the chef prepares something special for you. The night we ate at Newport Ranch, the chef prepared delicious fresh-baked bread with an olive oil dip, artichoke bisque with charred red onion and crispy garlic, and an unbelievably delicious vegetable medley. Now, most places just throw together vegetables and call it a vegan meal, but The Inn at Newport Ranch really went out of their way to make something special out of the vegan option, and we really appreciated that time and care. Like the rest of our time there, the dining at The Inn at Newport Ranch was an incredible experience.


Mendocino, The Heart and Soul of California

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