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Where to Buy Period Panties Made in France?

By guest author: Aparna Chatterjee

Convenient, effective, and eco-friendly, period panties are taking the world by storm, and with good reason. This innovative alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products provides a compelling option. Find out how to choose your period underwear and where to buy these panties that will soon replace your disposable period products.

How to Choose the Best Period Panties?

Once a month – or 12 times a year on average – menstruation punctuates the life of many women. Up until very recently, being on your period meant that you had to use tampons, sanitary pads, or a menstrual cup. Now, there exists an alternative to these feminine hygiene products which preserves both your health and the safety of the planet: period panties.

Several brands are now offering period panties. Amid this booming market, Réjeanne has managed to truly stand out. Soft, comfy and incredibly absorbent, Réjeanne period underwear has the added benefit of being made in France. Designed and crafted in three workshops located in Brittany and in the south of France, Réjeanne period panties put the know-how of French seamstresses at the service of feminine comfort. One of the main perks of Réjeanne period pants is that they contain no harmful substances. Instead, their various models are chemical and nanoparticle-free. Their cotton is GOTS certified, and all their materials are Oeko-Tex 100 certified to ensure the best quality possible.

How Do Period Panties Work?

Period panties are undergarments whose mission is to absorb and hold any fluids released by the body during menstruation. Generally speaking, period underwear is made up of three distinct layers which make it both effective and comfortable.

The drainage layer: This is the part that comes into contact with the skin and captures the liquid to direct it towards the absorbent layer. This is the layer that keeps you dry, and it should be made from soft, healthy, chemical-free materials to ensure your comfort and safety.

The absorbent layer: The absorbent layer, as the name indicates, absorbs the flow quickly and continuously for several hours at a time. Réjeanne period panties come in three levels of absorption (light, medium, and heavy flow).

The waterproof layer: This outer layer is there to prevent any leaks from happening. It is necessary to protect your clothes against any potential stains the blood may otherwise cause.

Every model of period underwear has its own set of characteristics. While some models are guaranteed to be effective for 4 hours, others offer up to 12 hours of comfort and protection. This is the case for Réjeanne products.

When it’s time to wash your period underwear, the process is quite straightforward. First, rinse it off under cold running water until the water runs clear. Then, you can either finish washing by hand or place the garment in a mesh bag and machine wash on a cold, gentle setting. As a precaution, never use a tumble dryer. Just hang dry your period panties to make sure you don’t damage the delicate fibers.


What are the Benefits of Using Period Underwear?

Swapping out your disposable feminine hygiene products for period panties has several advantages. Period underwear is:

Cost-effective: The fact that period panties are reusable makes them very inexpensive in the long run. On average, women spend €4 to €5 per month on feminine hygiene products. Thanks to washable period underwear, there is no need to keep on investing in disposable products month after month. Owning three pairs of period pants is enough to cover the entire cycle. Depending on the quality of the products and how you care for them, these can last anywhere between 2 and 7 years.

Eco-friendly: Another point to take into account is how ecologically sound period panties On average, every woman throws out between 130 kg and 150 kg worth of disposable period products in their lifetime. By purchasing period underwear made in France, you can reduce how much waste your produce and lower your carbon footprint by cutting down on transport.

Comfortable: Period underwear should be worn during the day or throughout the night, which means it has to be comfortable. To make sure your period underwear will make you feel as cosy as you deserve to be during that time of the month, choose a soft, resilient, absorbent model that will also prevent any odours from developing. Period panties come in a wide variety of shapes and colours, so you can feel confident without ever compromising style.


Author: Aparna Chatterjee
This is Aparna a freelance Mom Lifestyle blogger, Author of Latest Lifestyle Trends and a married mother who lives in Kolkata, India. In the last few years, I’ve been lucky to turn my passions into full-time work both online and offline in sales and marketing, writing and editing, with plans to leave the workforce and focus on working online and staying home with my son.

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