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What’s In For Spring? Tassels of Course!

If the winter blues has taken hold of you, it’s time to shake it off! Grab life by the horns and unleash your inner matador this spring by donning tassels. Not to be confused with your Grandmother’s heavy floral green curtains with the matching green tassels, the history of tassels in fashion go way back. Once reserved for those of high status who could relish in the luxuries of yesteryear, tassels can now be enjoyed by the masses and can add a hint of opulence to any outfit. Tassels are a subtle way to be daring and bold. Why not add a little fun and excitement to your wardrobe this spring?


Tassel Hem Jeans

Skinny jeans have truly stood the test of fashion time and really don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. But even the most timeless classics can benefit from a reboot. Tassel hem skinnies are a fun way to play with this trend while still keeping a classic silhouette. Tassels on the hem inspire dreams of warm summer nights in Madrid and red wine fueled romances.



When your accessories need an accessory, tassels are the perfect fun and flirty addition to any handbag or clutch.
Go for a bag that comes with many tassels, or attach
a gorgeous, faux-leather tassel to a handbag or clutch you already love.

Ethical Luxury melie bianco trudy large boho tassel bag


& Bracelet

Casual outfits don’t have to be sloppy. Even a plain tee and skinnies can be easily transformed and no, you don’t need a stiff blazer or pair of pointed toe stilettos. To go from schlep to chic, just add tassels! Wear a tassel bracelet alone or easily mix it in with the other arm candy. Adding a tassel necklace to a casual outfit can add a flirty, playful but polished touch. When you want to embrace your Bohemian side, pair a tassel piece with a maxi skirt and fun sandals.


summer tassels - viva glam magazine -Gold & Gray - matte sunstone silky tassel


Black lace and tassel earrings will make you look and feel like Victorian royalty. Command the attention of a room and upstage everyone in any outfit. In a plain white tee and black cigarette skinnies, let everyone know the Queen has arrived when you put these on. Remember, you can never be over educated or overdressed; especially in earrings like these.





If you are sick and tired of conversation pieces being worn only on your fingers or around your neck, tassel stilettos are the answer. Stilettos with tassels are perfect for women who do not like to wear a ton of jewelry or prefer to stick to one statement piece. A tassel added to a stiletto adds flair and creates a new form of movement. Whether you wear these with a little black dress or to dress up a pair of skinnies, you will undoubtedly be the center of attention.

Ethical Luxury veerah mulan veerah tassel pump



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