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What’s Hot: The 5 Upgrades Your House Needs for This Summer

At this time of the year, summer is just right around the corner. So what perfect time could it be to finally start on the improvements you have been planning for your home? Be it a minor upgrade or a major one; summer is the perfect time to put your working boots on and give your family, or even yourself, a better space to live in.

Not sure where to start? Here is a list of improvements you can begin working on in giving your house the pizzazz it needs:

1.     Invest in a Cooling Mattress

With the days more extended (and indeed hotter), and the nights shorter, sleep is a luxury you cannot afford to deprive yourself of, especially if you need to work harder during the summer. According to a study, hot room temperature contributes to increased wakefulness and leads to decreased slow-wave sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

The best mattress to invest in during this hot season is one that has a cooling effect, at the same time not compromising on the quality and comfort you need for a good rest. Here are some advantages of replacing your old mattress with a cooling one:

  • It helps support a longer and deeper sleep.
  • It helps save energy.
  • It decreases night sweats.
  • It draws body heat away from your partner

2.     Replace Your Windows

Energy experts state that your choice of windows is essential to saving energy at home, as heat gain through windows can be held responsible for 25%-30% of residential heating and energy cooling usage.

With this, you have two options to consider in reducing the amount of energy which is lost through windows, at the same time improving the quality of comfort of your home: 

a) Upgrade your existing windows; or 

b) Make an overall upgrade by replacing them.

It is advised for the hotter summer months that your selection of windows should have coatings that will reduce heat gain within your home. You can choose from double-hung windows, sliders to casement windows. 

It might feel like a pricey investment, but this will benefit you in the long run. For example, should you wish to put up your house for sale in the future, it is estimated that the asking price will bump up by a considerable fraction, which can make up to 85% return on your investment. All of this, just by replacing your old, cranky, heat-retaining windows. 

3.     Fixing Up Your House’s Side Exterior

You might not have tried to check, but houses also go through wear and tear as it is exposed to the harsh elements in all seasons – through summer, spring, fall, and winter. Inevitably, the part of your house which would take the hit the most is the siding.

If your house siding has flaked or peeled off or is beyond help, a mere paint job may not suffice to cover it up. Old siding is known to be notorious for developing mildew and rot over time. It might also greatly reduce your home’s resistance through different weather, even leading to higher heating costs.

Luckily, summer is the perfect time to work on your house exterior upgrade with the warm weather, particularly re-siding. It may even result in your home look more stylish and well-taken care of. There are different kinds of sidings to choose from – vinyl siding, brick siding, wood siding, and even stone-veneer ones. 

4.     Beautify Your Home with Landscaping and Gardening

Summer is also the perfect time to release your inner green thumb and get dirty. And by dirty, it means getting your hands on soil and working your magic in beautifying your home. What’s even better is you can accomplish a lot at a small cost.

Landscaping comes number 1 when it comes to DIY home improvements, as you can take a trip to your local hardware or plant shops and pick whatever you want for your outdoor needs. There are also various websites online, such as Pinterest, where you can get inspiration and ideas for your new landscape.

If you think you aren’t cut for gardening, you can pick easy-to-grow plants that you can leave out in your front lawn or patio, or even pick up mulch and some shrubs to add a polished and clean look to your home.

Landscaping may also become a good investment in the long run, as switching up your home landscape to a different one enhances your house’s aesthetic aspect and increases its property value

5.     Build a Shed For Additional Space

Are you tired of having junk all over your place? Is there no more space to store your kids’ toys, or are there still unpacked boxes from your last move? Perhaps it’s time to take advantage of the warm weather and build a shed or an outdoor space for additional storage.

However, let’s not limit the imagination to just using your shed for keeping your extra, unused stuff in place. Some even convert their existing sheds into home gyms or even office spaces to leave the main household area for relaxation and quality family time. With one click of a finger, you can look up shed building ideas online and even purchase a building starter kit.


With the warm weather in your favor, these upgrades are but some of the many things you can do to revamp your home. It can even be a bonding activity you can do with your family. So give 

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