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What Your Body is Telling You is Written on Your Face

Chinese medicine “reads” your face to find body concerns!

According to Chinese medicine, you can actually “read” your face to decipher any health concerns you might have. They believe that your body tries to communicate with you about issues you are having through the skin on your face.

The skin on your face is very sensitive and the Chinese believe, because of this, it will reveal any health issues you might be having. For example, skin spots, rashes, lesions, and complexion changes are all symptoms of a health issue. Here are some of the areas on the face that could be affected and what they may indicate.

Jaw and Neck

Issues in the jaw and neck may indicate a hormonal imbalance. This may be caused by eating foods that are too hot or salty. This may also be caused by too much caffeine.


Digestion issues can be seen in the forehead and are often caused by overeating sugar and processed foods. In addition, too much alcohol and tension can also be the cause. To combat this, lessen alcohol consumption and drink at least two liters of water a day.

Mouth and Chin

Mouth and chin ailments can be caused by the stomach. They are caused by stress and irregular sleeping patterns. You can also irritate your stomach with too much sugar, fat, spices, coffee, and alcohol. Try eating more fruits, vegetables, and raw foods. Limit your consumption of fatty and spicy foods.

Eyebrow Arch

This is caused by kidney issues. Kidneys are susceptible to too much alcohol, smoking, and heart issues. Try drinking less alcohol, coffee, and drinks that are high in sugars. Instead, drink plenty of water each day.


Cheekbones are affected by the lungs. This can be attributed to breathing issues such as asthma or cigarette smoking. Limit or stop smoking and stay physically active.

In between the Eyebrows

The liver affects this area. This can be caused by eating meat and being overly tired. Food allergies also affect the liver. Try eating fresh and raw foods and implement yoga or meditation into your daily activities.


Your lungs and kidneys affect your cheeks. This might be the result of a poor diet, too much sugar, smoking, or too much stress. Try visiting a nutritional specialist to get a proper diet with the nutrition you need.


Cardiovascular diseases contribute to nose issues. Bloating, impaired circulation, stomach acidity, and polluted air can cause these issues. Make certain you are maintaining a level blood pressure and good cholesterol levels. Drink green tea and do lots of physical activity.


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