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What Your Blood Type Can Tell You About Your Health

Many people disregard the idea regarding the influence of one’s blood type on their health. However, several studies have associated a person’s blood type with a risk of developing certain illnesses and health conditions. So, what does your blood type says about your health? Here are some details on your blood type and health.

Cancer Risk

Several studies have shown a connection between your blood type and health. In fact, several studies have revealed that a person’s blood type may indicate his risk of developing cancer.

One example is the study that revealed people with an A blood type have a higher risk of developing stomach cancer compared to people with an O blood type. Another study also showed that women with O blood type have a lower risk of developing ovarian cancer compared to other blood types. However, they have a higher risk of developing renal or skin cancer.

Heart Diseases

In a study published by Dr. Meian He, he revealed an association between a person’s blood type and his risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD). According to his research, individuals with blood types AB, A, and B have a higher risk of developing CHD compared to those with an O blood type.


A 2014 study published in the journal “Neurology” revealed that AB blood type people have a higher risk of developing dementia. According to the study, they have about 82% chance of developing cognitive problems compared to people with other blood types.


Another study about blood type and health showed that individuals with A blood type would have a hard time handling stressful situations. The reason is that these people produce more cortisol (stress hormone) compared to individuals with other blood types.


Aside from those diseases, a study also revealed that your blood type could predict your chances of getting pregnant. To be specific, the study showed that women with an O blood type have lower healthy egg cells. As such, they may have a hard time conceiving a child.

Final Thoughts

As presented, there is a connection between a person’s blood type and health. Keep in mind that more research is needed to strengthen the claim that your blood type can influence your health. Plus, a higher risk of developing certain conditions doesn’t mean that you will definitely develop a health problem. Even so, you will be able to prevent or detect the disease early if you’re aware of the health risks associated with your blood type. For this reason, doctors and other health care practitioners recommend knowing your blood type for better health.

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