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What You Should Be Wearing on Your Face While You Work Out

Face Care for your Workout

You have probably heard what a bad idea it is to wear makeup when you are working out and breaking a sweat, but sometimes a little coverage is necessary. Maybe you have even experienced first hand a breakout caused by wearing heavy makeup during a workout. What’s a girl to do? Here are some face and beauty products that are safe to wear that will not cause you to breakout while you work out.


This is absolutely necessary to wear for working out outdoors. Sunblock protects your skin against skin cancer and premature aging. Damage from UVA and UVB rays happens even on cloudy days, too. There are many sunblock types that are designed to be worn for sports or intense outdoor activity. Your sunblock should last for at least 90 minutes of outdoor activity and that includes intense sweating or water activities. If you are worried about breakouts, do a patch test on your neckline beforehand.

Mineral Makeup

Some days you feel more confident than others and on the days you are feeling less than stellar and you want to wear a little coverage, mineral makeup is your friend. Many people advocate against wearing makeup if you are going to be sweating because makeup clogs your pores and when you sweat your pores can’t breathe; when your pores can’t breathe, they become clogged and that’s when breakouts happen. Thankfully, mineral based makeup not only provides great coverage, it also allows your pores to breathe. Most mineral based makeup also contains sunblock but not enough to completely skip a layer of sunblock before application. When your skin is happy, you are happy. Life is short, don’t deny yourself happiness.

Lip Balm

Dry, chapped lips are no fun especially during a workout. Don’t cut your workout short because your lips are uncomfortable or even worse, painfully dry and chapped. Lip balm is perfect for that hint of color and shine without the mess and fuss of lipstick. You probably do not think about it, but even your lips need protection from the sun. Most lip balms contain SPF so that you will not get burnt lips. If you have ever experienced burnt lips then you know how you’d never wish it on your worst enemy. Ouch!


This one is more of a ‘could’ than a ‘should.’ Get that sun-kissed look without the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Using a little bit of bronzer on your face can give you that healthy, just got back from “oh, it’s an island you have probably never been” to tan. If you have been indoors all winter and you need a little color, don’t hit the tanning bed!

Go to the makeup counter instead. If you are exercising outdoors and you are obviously wearing sunscreen, you will not get as rich of a tan as you would if you weren’t wearing sunscreen. Which is fine because skin cancer is real and sunless tanner and bronzer exist for that reason alone.

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