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What You Need to Know About the Hats in The Bon Clic Bon Genre

Since time immemorial, hats have not been a significant consideration in fashion and have mainly been used to keep warm. However, as time goes by, hats have increased their place in fashion, and almost everybody is looking for the right one. Fortunately, when worn in the right way, hats say much about you, most of which is positive. For this reason, next time you are updating your wardrobe, hats should be a significant item on your list. Luckily, Bon Clic Bon Genre has got you covered on numerous hats of different shapes, styles, and colors, giving you a variety of options to pick from. Below is comprehensive information about Bon Clic Bon Genre hats that will help you choose the kind of hat that you deserve.

Panama Hat

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The Panama hat, which is also known as the Ecuadorian hat, is well known for its durability, flexibility, comfort, and lightness, which are all qualities of an ideal hat. This is made possible by the toquilla straw material, which is the primary material used in the manufacture of Panama hat. The origin of the hat dates back to 1835 where it was introduced by Manuel Alfaro. It was used continually throughout the mid-century with its fame increasing up to date. For a Panama hat to look good on you, you need to consider your face shape. In this case, if you have a round face, a large brim will suit you best. On the other hand, for a small face, then consider a smaller brim.

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Straw Boater Hats

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These are hat types ideal for distinguished and classic weather. The straw boater hats were first worn in the early 1860s and more so by women and children. However, as time went on, the hats have now become typical wear for all people. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the hat increased its popularity as it was used in sailing and boating activities, thus its name. Though these hats were used in the past, they are still in style up to date. However, for the straw boater hats to look good on you, you need to make sure that they fit your outfit and match your face shape. In this case, it is best to match the hut with traditional outfits such as a blazer or matching jacket and trouser, among others.


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Are you looking for a hat that will make you look classy and outstanding at the same time? Then consider going for a beret. This is a hut that comfortably hugs your skull, thus making you look younger and stunning. Berets were initially used in France, hence their other name, French hats. Bon Clic Bon Genre has different shapes and styles of beret hats, in which case you put on that which suits you best depending on your head shape and preference.

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Over the years, hats have become more popular and fashionable to wear. For this reason, Bon Clic Bon Genre has given their best to help ensure that they provide you with the best and most fashionable hats that you will feel proud of wearing. Above are some of these hats in Bon Clic Bon Genre that you should consider next time you are out for hat shopping.


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