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What You Need to Know About the Covid Antigen Test Kit

COVID Antigen Test Kits have become easily accessible so if you have any compulsion to get tested, you can get an antigen test kit as soon as possible. With that said, many people still have a few questions about the antigen test kit, especially if they didn’t get tested for it ever.

To help people find answers to their questions, this article is here to tell you what you need to know about the COVID antigen test kit.

What Types of Tests for COVID-19 Are There?

There are two types of tests that are used to diagnose COVID-19 officially in a person: the rapid antigen test and the RT-PCR test. Both of these tests are viral tests and detect if you currently have an infection

Rapid Antigen Test or At-Home COVID-19 Kit

The rapid antigen test is an affordable, accessible, and fast way to get tested for COVID-19. You can buy a lateral flow test in the comfort of your home. The main issue with an at-home COVID-19 kit is that there can be false negatives from its results.

However, if you aren’t in a severe situation, the rapid antigen test is still a sufficient way to detect if you currently have an infection from COVID-19.


On the other hand, the RT-PCR test also detects a COVID-19 infection but this usually requires lab testing. Since the test needs to be analyzed in a laboratory, the results usually take a lot longer than a rapid antigen test.

Although this test will take a lot longer to produce results, it’s the most reliable in terms of the accuracy of the results. That’s why if you want a firmer confirmation of your status, this is the best choice.

Which Test Should You Get?

Now that you know which tests are there to help diagnose COVID-19 in someone, your next question would probably be what test you should consider getting for yourself.

Here are some situations that can help you determine which one to get.

Get the Rapid Antigen Test If…

If it’s the most accessible test for you at the moment, then there’s no reason to wait a long time until you can access an RT-PCR test. It’s especially helpful if you are experiencing symptoms.

If you test positive, that can already serve as a diagnosis for COVID-19. What you should really be wary of in the antigen test is a false negative rather than a false positive anyway.

Get an RT-PCR Test If…

If you’re about to undergo a medical procedure or are in a clinical setting, then an RT-PCR test is a much better choice due to its reliability. It’s also reliable even if you’re showing mild to no symptoms.

Before you travel, you might also need to get an RT-PCR test to be able to travel to certain areas. In some professions as well, a negative RT-PCR test is a requirement to be able to continue.

How Many COVID Antigen Test Kits Should You Take?

Antigen tests are usually more reliable the more times you take them. They’re more reliable when you take them serially and, according to Dr. Abraar Karan who is an infectious disease physician at Stanford University, these tests aren’t a “one-and-done” usage after testing negative.

It’s best to take them may be on the 5th day and then the 7th day after exposure to be safe.

What to Do After the Results of Your COVID Antigen Test Kit

After you take the test and have received your results, here are your next steps:

Positive Results

If you tested positive, it’s best to isolate for at least five days; ten days if you’re symptomatic. Should you feel your symptoms worsening, then it’s best to go to the hospital or contact emergency health services.

Don’t forget to notify the health department so that they can keep track of your changes as well.

Negative Results

For antigen tests, there is a good likelihood of there being a false negative. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to wait a few days, keep yourself isolated, and then test yourself again to be sure.

If multiple tests taken on different days continue to show you’re negative, then you’re good to go as you were before.


Active testing is one of the best ways we can continue to be on top of this pandemic so gaining a better understanding of how these tests work is a great help to everyone. Now that you know more about the COVID antigen test kits, you should be able to figure out your steps both before and after taking one and find out the results.

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