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What You Can Do To Impress at Your Next Online Interview

Are you ready for your next job interview? Many people can struggle with the preference for digital interview formats. Many companies believe virtual interviews are better for the candidates and the interviewer because it allows the interviewer to see a candidate in a relaxed environment. However, recruiters fail to realize that candidates are likely just as nervous doing the interview at home. Even when recruiters and candidates use immersive Zoom backgrounds to make things feel more professional, it is impossible to move past the nerves of wanting the job. Therefore, as a candidate, you can do a few things to help ease the nerves and impress the interviewer.

1. Dress the Part

An interview is about more than the custom Google Meet background; it is a chance to show a future employer that you know what you are doing. An interview is your opportunity to show the company that you understand its culture and can fit in. Therefore, regardless of where the meeting is, make sure you dress the part. Do not show up to an interview for a finance firm wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. Your appearance matters. If interviewing for a white-collar position, wear a suit and tie.

2. Consider Your Background

Many people like to customize their Microsoft Teams virtual background, which is your prerogative. However, you may want to reconsider custom backgrounds that demonstrate questionable tastes or materials. Also, you will want to avoid any conflicting messaging. For example, do not tell an interviewer that their company is your first choice and show up to a meeting with another brand’s logo on your background. Your background should be a clean, organized room, or a simple, solid color. Essentially, do not choose a background that can distract from your interview or imply things about your personality.

3. Learn About the Company

The worst thing any candidate can do is show up to a company without any knowledge about the business. You should understand the fundamentals at least, such as:

During your interview, it is helpful to compare your stories to some of the issues pertinent to the company. You can show how you follow the brand and how the company inspires your professional decisions.

4. Learn About the Interviewer

Sometimes, a prominent person might handle your interview. For example, small startups or businesses may use the founder to interview new candidates, especially regarding selection. Whenever possible, learn about the people you will be meeting. For example, you can often look up company owners on LinkedIn and other platforms. There is nothing wrong with doing your research; after all, the company is doing the same thing for you.

5. Practice

Every interview will likely go through rounds of industry-specific questions. You can often find a list of predictable questions online. Take the time to do practice runs of your future interviews. Practice will usually make you feel more comfortable when facing the real thing.

Are you ready for your next job interview? If not, contact a career professional and ask for advice.

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