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What Women Should Know About Dab Rigs Before Buying One

Are you in the market to try out a different cannabis consumption method? Have you thought about getting yourself a dab rig, but want to know more about them before you purchase one?

Dab rigs are a type of water pipe used for smoking cannabis concentrates. If you’re thinking about buying one, it’s important to know the basics first. What’s your budget? How much do you smoke? Do you want to use the same rig with multiple people or just yourself?

These are all important considerations – you also need to think about what type of device would suit you best. Then, you can go ahead and shop for dab rigs at Daily High Club, as there are a ton of variations to choose from. Read on for more information on dabbing and how to choose the best rig for your needs. You can get different rigs for different purposes that are suited for different situations.

What They Are  

If you are new to the world of cannabis, or even if you have been around for a while but stick to the older methods of consumption, the chances are that you might not have heard about dab rigs and what they are. 

With technology constantly changing and evolving, the cannabis industry has taken advantage of this and introduced a whole new world of cannabis consumption methods, one of the more popular being dab rigs. 

But what is a dab rig? A dab rig is a glass pipe that is comparable to a bong, which uses a water chamber for the smoke to go through in order to cool it down before it hits the lungs. The big difference is that they use concentrated THC instead of the actual herb itself, making the hits far more potent with a much smaller amount of product. 

How They Work   

When it comes to dab rigs, they may seem complicated in how they work, but they are actually quite simple when you know what you are doing. Dab rigs are comprised of two main parts, the nail, and the glass pipe. There are other additional things that you will need but have to be purchased separately, such as the dabber and the torch lighter. 

Dab rigs are relatively simple in how they work. Water is placed in the water chamber of the pipe to a reasonable level. From there, you heat up the nail until it is blazing red. This is when it reaches its hottest point. 

When the nail is blazing red, you want to have a small amount of product on the dabber and dab that, or rather rub it around, on the heated nail. This will create a smoke that will go through the water chamber and is then inhaled. 

After heating the nail, the whole process happens while you are inhaling from the mouthpiece of the device. 

Electric or Not   

When it comes to choosing the right dab rig for you, one of the biggest things to consider is whether you want to have an electric rig, or if you want to have a manual one that you heat yourself. While there isn’t much of a difference in the outcome of the two different devices, the main difference comes in how easy they are to use. 

Typically, the electric dab rig is much easier to use because you don’t have to manually heat the nail, or even worry about having any kind of lighter. The nail is heated electronically which makes it more convenient, as well as more preferable when it comes to controlling the temperature. However, these dab rigs are generally a lot more expensive. 

What Nail to Use   

Last but not least, a big thing to take into consideration is the type of nail that you are using. As a beginner, using the nail that comes with your rig should be sufficient enough for you to get an understanding of how the product works and whether you like it or not. 

However, over time you will notice that different nails are better for different purposes. Some people like having glass nails because they look the nicest, but the problem with these is that they tend to break easily. 

The more commonly recommended ones are ceramic and metal nails. These kinds of nails tend to retain heat the best, as well as last the longest because of just how durable they can be. 

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