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What Type of Purchase Should You Put on Your Credit Card?

A lot of people shy away from making purchases with their credit cards, but there are some things you’re better off buying with your credit card due to the additional benefits that come with using one.

However, it’s worth noting that there are some purchases that automatically rebill – which begs the question;

What Happens If Your Credit Card is Close to Expiry? 

Well, all credit cards have card expiration dates, this is the four-digit number found on the face of the card used to remind cardholders of when their cards are going to expire.

The great news is that your credit card company would probably mail you a new credit card 30-60 days before the old card expires..

With that said, let’s take a look at five purchases you should put on your credit card;

Appliances And Electronics

First off, most companies would offer you purchase protection on your big-ticket items – a category that most appliances and electronics fall under.

Purchase protection means that on certain purchases made with your credit card you can be reimbursed or receive a replacement if the item is damaged or stolen. This grace period usually lasts for 90-120 days.

For instance, say you buy a phone from your local store and it slips from your fingers which results in the screen getting broken – the screen repair will be covered by your credit company if you have purchase protection.

Some credit card companies even offer price protection, for example, if the store you purchased a TV from offers the same item at a discounted rate the next day the credit company would refund you the difference.


One of the biggest mistakes you could make while traveling is failing to place your travel expenses on your credit card.

Credit cards offer rewards and points as a benefit of buying your flight tickets and making other travel expenses with your credit card.

An added benefit of using your credit card for traveling expenses is the fact that it comes with pre-built insurance.

For instance, most credit cards come with cancellation coverage and protection for lost luggage.

This saves you both the time and money you would have spent getting this coverage from an insurance company.

Car Rentals

It might be a great idea for you to pay for your car rentals with your credit cards as opposed to paying with a debit card or cash.

That’s because a lot of travel credit cards already cover some form of car insurance, making it a great way to save money which the rental company would have made you pay as insurance.

Online Purchases

If you like to buy things online, paying with your credit card is the best way to go. Credit cards offer better protection against fraud with fraud detection and prevention services. 

This way you are better protected if your credit card info falls into the wrong hands. For example, If a vendor doesn’t deliver your items, your credit card company can refund you the money if you make a dispute claim.

Tickets To Events

Owning a credit card can put you ahead of the general population – credit card companies often offer cardholders perks to events happening near them.

Credit card companies often partner with events providing their users with perks like early access, good seats, or even exclusive events for cardholders as the case may be.

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