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What To Wear To A Summer Barbecue For Guys

One of the most fun things of the summer is barbecues. It involves everything we love – good food, company, warm weather and pure relaxation.

But often, when invited to a barbecue or hosting one at home, guys get a quick shot of panic – what should I wear? It becomes even more daunting if you’ve invited some new acquaintances or you know that your friends like to keep things on a more “formal” side. 

Don’t fret. We’ve got your back. If you follow some of these tips, you’ll quickly understand that dressing for a barbecue is as simple as any other group event. 

Here’s what to wear to a summer barbecue for guys.

Tailored chino shorts

Shorts are the ultimate men’s summer fashion piece. If you’re going to (or hosting) a barbecue, we recommend skipping the athletic shorts and opting for more classic chinos. 

It doesn’t mean you need to be boring, though; barbecues are supposed to be fun, so try different colours. Summer is the perfect time for mustard, pinks, pastel blues, seafoam greens and other brighter tones. 

Tailored chinos usually finish just above the knee, which is the perfect length!


If you’re a denim fan, you can always opt for a nice pair of jeans. They’re comfortable and will keep you warm if the barbecue goes into the night. says that a raw-selvedge denim pair should do the trick as it can withstand napkin duty, grass stains and other activities. 

Choose light-coloured jeans and leave that black denim in the closet for winter!

Linen trousers

We love linen for summer! And linen trousers are no exception. They are perfect for a weekend barbecue as they are comfortable, airy yet still make you look put together! 

We recommend classic grey, navy, blue or white colours that you can easily style with any t-shirt, shirt or Polo shirt. 

One last thing. The shops are full of linen blends or fabrics that look like linen but aren’t. Do your due diligence and find a 100% real thing.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are a great choice for those guys who like to be comfortable yet want to feel like they’re putting in an effort. 

And the colours! Make sure you take advantage of the options and pick something fun and exciting. 

One of the more common mistakes when wearing a polo is choosing a size too large. Polos are supposed to be figure-hugging, not baggy, though use your common sense and don’t get one that’s too tight. 

Another issue is logos – yes, you may have gotten that Polo free of charge from your favorite car shop, but it doesn’t mean you should become their marketing ambassador! 

Print short-sleeved shirts 

Short-sleeved shirts might not be appropriate for many work occasions, but they shine at events like barbecues! 

And we’re not talking about your classic black or blues. Be more creative and wear a nice patterned shirt that will show off your personality and that you’re ready to party!

However, unless it’s a theme party, maybe skip the heavy 90s tropical patterns and go for something more subtle and tasteful. 

Plain button-down shirt

If the barbecue day is a little colder than expected, you might want to consider long sleeve shirts. And there’s nothing more classic than white or blue button-down. 

A shirt is so versatile, it’s really easy to dress up and down, and you can always roll up the long sleeves for a more relaxed look, great for the casual occasion.

Quality plain t-shirt 

Nothing is as classic and comfortable as a classic plain t-shirt. It works with most things and is really comfortable. 

We’re talking about high-quality t-shirts, of course. Leave the freebies, oldies and band tees and home and opt for something stylish like the options at Fresh Clean Tees. With plenty of colours, the sky’s your limit! If you prefer a simple black shirt you can buy a 5-pack from them:

Unstructured blazer or a denim jacket 

Speaking of cold, if you anticipate colder weather or a late night, always have an unstructured blazer or a denim jacket at the ready. 

It might be tempting to bring a hoodie, but it might just kill your whole vibe, so stick it with these classic and classy options; just make sure you color-coordinate with the rest of your outfit.


Lastly, don’t forget footwear. We recommend foregoing sports sneakers, formal shoes like Oxfords and sandals. 

You’re best choices are loafers, leather or canvas sneakers, espadrilles or, if it’s chilly (or you just love them too much) – desert boots. 

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