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What to Wear to a Modeling Go-See

As you know, models go to casting calls and go-sees where designers, agents, and editors choose which one to hire. During casting, a model is expected to look like a blank canvas so that those responsible for casting can imagine the model in a variety of attire. If you’re new to modeling or are an aspiring model, here are some of the best beauty and fashion tips for a modeling go-see.

Bare Makeup

Keep in mind that those responsible for modeling go-sees want to see the bare face of a model. The reason is that it allows them to see the model’s best features. As such, if you’re going to a modeling casting or go-see, it is best to wear basic makeup. To be specific, bare makeup includes blush, concealer, and mascara. If you need coverage, you can also use a tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation.

Simple Yet Flattering Outfit

One of the best beauty and fashion tips for a modeling go-see is to wear a simple yet flattering outfit. Remember, you don’t want those responsible for casting to get distracted by your attire. As such, as much as possible, you should avoid trendy and printed outfits. Instead, you can go with the basics, like a neutral-colored shirt or top and a pair of jeans. If your best asset is your legs, you can also wear a simple dress or skirt. By wearing a simple yet flattering outfit, you’re allowing your natural beauty to shine.

Good Underwear

In general, the people responsible for modeling castings and go-sees will not be able to see your underwear unless they’re casting for a swimwear or lingerie shoot. However, you still need to wear underwear that is not too tight or too loose. Remember, underwear serves as the foundation of your outfit, so you should wear comfortable undies.


As you know, a model’s height is crucial, so you need to wear a pair of shoes that will make you look taller. Aside from that, heels can also make your body appear more elongated. As such, one of the most important beauty and fashion tips for a modeling go-see is to wear heels – the higher, the better.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wear heels when attending a casting or go-see; however, you need to bring a pair of heels. The reason is that those responsible for casting will want to see the way you walk while wearing heels. For this reason, you have to bring a pair of stiletto heels, preferably in black or nude.


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