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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Every season adds its own flair to weddings, but nothing quite compares to the beautiful color schemes and gentle weather that comes with a fall wedding. Fall weddings are a popular choice and the dress codes are easy to follow.

Fall colors are so beautiful and bold: maroons, burnt oranges, and browns. You’ll often see them as the bridesmaids’ dress colors of choice. With fall weddings filling up your calendars, we’ve put together an easy guide on how to tackle the dress code for fall weddings!

What Not To Wear

We often find that the best place to start is with everything you shouldn’t wear.

It’s a Wedding, Not a Funeral

This rule does generally apply to most weddings, but it’s a more common mistake when it comes to fall. Fall makes us think of deeper and bolder colors, but there’s a huge difference between an almost-black burgundy and actual black. Wearing all black to a wedding is never a good look; fall is no exception to this age-old rule!

Don’t Drown Yourself in Clothing

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With the slightly colder weather, you’re likely to want to wrap yourself up to keep you warm. While we’re all for warmth and comfort, you don’t want to go overboard and drown your dress in a huge coat. Stay tuned for our tips on how to stay warm below!

Sandals Are The Enemy

Typically, sandals are an extremely common shoe choice for weddings. They’re simple and effortlessly elegant, while also extremely comfortable. Don’t make the mistake of deeming the weather sandal-friendly. During fall, it’s likely to get colder as the night progresses and you don’t want your toes to be the bride’s something blue!

What To Wear

Fall Colors

This may seem obvious, but fall weddings are the ideal opportunity to rock some beautiful fall shades. Burnt oranges and burgundies are generally popular wedding guest colors. These colors blend in beautifully with the gorgeous fall backdrops you typically find at fall weddings! Just stick to deeper and darker colors and avoid any bright or neon shades.

Cover Up in Style

It’s cold, we know! There’s nothing trickier than dressing for weddings in colder months. A great choice would be to wrap a beautiful faux fur wrap across your shoulders to keep you warm and elevate your dress. But you can also choose cotton or another light fabric if it’s a warmer fall day.
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If you’d like to ditch your shawls and wraps, simply wear a long-sleeved dress! Wear a sleek maxi long-sleeved dress with a low back to show some skin without getting too cool. Or a long-sleeved knee-length dress!

Black Patterns

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Printed dresses can be tricky with weddings. You don’t want a bold pattern that’s going to steal the show, but tasteful patterns can help you blend in. For a fall wedding you should focus on patterned dresses with a black background. Black dresses with some autumnal-colored florals scream fall; they scream gorgeous, too!

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