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What To Say When Texting Someone After A Long Time

Texting someone after a long time can be very difficult. You have to take into account their feelings and how they will react when you finally text them back. That’s why you need to take it easy and rekindle the relationship the right way.

The best way to start a conversation again with someone you lost touch with is to just be yourself and explain your absence. However, that’s not always easy when emotions are running high and you have feelings for that person.

In this article, we share essential tips on how to restart the conversation with your crush the right way.

Explain your silence

If you haven’t contacted someone for a long period of time, it would be best for you to explain to them why you didn’t respond to their last message or ghosted them. This is very important because people often take things personally when you don’t reply to them.

You can explain why you haven’t been in touch for a long time, so you can soothe hurt feelings and repair any accidental damage that your silence may have caused. If you are at a loss for words and you don’t know how to push the conversation forward, you can always use AI software specifically designed to help you with just that. is one of the best apps you can use to help you keep the conversation flowing naturally.

Bear in mind that you should be respectful if the person needs time to process everything. If needed, give them time and space to heal if your silence offended them or hurt them.

Acknowledge that it has been a while

A greeting that acknowledges it has been a while can be a great way to revive a text conversation or resume contact. It’s okay to say something more general if you don’t have an explanation or good reason why you haven’t reached out sooner.

For instance, you can say that work kept you busy and you didn’t have the time to reach out to them and that you’re sorry. It’s important to consider the person’s feelings and not to push things too fast. It’s likely that the person will need time to process everything before the conversation resumes naturally.

Let them know you are thinking of them

A quick and caring text message in the morning might make up for a lost time. People love when others express their love and care for them. A simple text message that expresses gratitude and fondness will mean the world to the person in question.

Combine this with an explanation of why you weren’t able to reply for a long time and you will surely patch up things in no time.

Ask about them

It’s easy to go on and on explaining what led you to not reply, however, it’s far more important that you focus on the person you lost contact with. Starting a conversation can be very easy after you explain your absence. For example, you can ask what they were up to recently and which movies they caught the previous weekend.

Let the conversation flow naturally. If you notice that the person doesn’t want to start sharing personal information right away, let time heal the wounds and repair your relationship.

Reconnect with the power of nostalgia

Nostalgia is a powerful tool. If you and the person in question share a lot of memories of experiences you had together, you can always recall them and use them to bond one more time.

You can also use pictures instead of words to rekindle old memories and spark some emotions.

Know when it’s right to meet in person

Asking straight away to meet for a cup of coffee might be too forward and rushed. Instead, take your time and see where the conversation leads you. After you feel that everything is okay and that the conversation flows freely, you can suggest a coffee meeting. 

Online texting may serve as an indicator to show whether there will be a lot of awkward silences during the coffee date. However, text messages are not always a real representation of the person’s real character.

Final thoughts

Texting someone you like after a long time is not something you should be scared of because you probably had your reasons. The most important thing is to explain your absence and give the person time to process everything at their own pace.

If you want to rekindle your relationship and spark the conversation once again, follow the tips we shared in this article.

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