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What to Do When Your Travel Video Gets Corrupted

Travel season is here! Not only is summer here to bring about the best vacations, but the pandemic regulations are slowly lifting, so the world is opening back up! All in all, travel is on the rise. In fact, after recently visiting LAX, we saw the effects of the pendulum swing, meaning more people are traveling right now than in the years leading up to the pandemic. With the influx of travel, we’ll see an influx of travel-related videos and photo content appear all over social media. So, if you’re into travel and have a decent following, now is the best time to get out there and create travel videos for your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube accounts. However, the more travel content you create, the more likely you have a video that gets corrupted. It happens for a plethora of reasons! Some cameras will corrupt files if you don’t shut off the device in the right setting. Others will corrupt files if the battery dies in the middle of use. It’s likely to happen to everyone at least once. So, what do you do when your travel video gets corrupted?

Don’t Panic!

If your video winds up corrupted, your first reaction will likely be to panic. But don’t worry. There is always a solution, and panicking will not only do you no good, but it could also ruin your trip if it happens during your travels. So, remain calm, enjoy your time, and know that there is a solution.

Try Your Video on Different Devices

If your video won’t play on your phone or your camera, take the time to investigate the file after you have arrived home. It’s possible there’s a glitch in the device. Move the file to your computer and see if it will work on your computer. If not, try it on a second device to make sure. If the file won’t play on multiple devices, the odds are that it is corrupted. But before coming to that conclusion, see if you can open it in a different software or program. If you use Premiere or iMovie, see if you can get the file to work in either format. If not, that’s okay. We still have a solution for you.

Use a Reliable Video Repair Tool

If you can’t get your video to play on your phone or your computer, it’s likely corrupted. Many people don’t realize this, but there are, in fact, programs out there for this. Using a reliable Video Repair Tool is crucial to ensuring that you save all your corrupted or damaged files. We prefer Stellar Repair for this, as it can repair videos from any device, repair multiple videos in one go, support popular video formats, and allow you to preview the repaired videos before saving them. It’s a fast and efficient repair solution to all of your damaged video concerns. It even offers an ‘Advanced Repair’ option for severely corrupted files.

This may be especially important if you’d like to play a side-by-side of your favorite old home movie with a new video you just recorded at the same location. Comparison videos are almost always a hit on social media, but it can be likely that an old home movie file is damaged. So, this can help you fix that problem, too! All in all, if you find a corrupt or broken video file, don’t freak out! Use a reliable video repair tool, and trust that you will soon recover your best videos.

After a year of being stuck at home, the world is over it! People want to see beautiful and exciting travel videos on their social media. And it’s easy to see why. Be sure to get out there and make the most inspiring travel videos that you can. And if you get a corrupted travel video, don’t panic. Using Stellar Repair can easily fix your corrupted files.  

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