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What to Do in New Orleans if You Don’t Drink

If you don’t imbibe, you won’t ruin our vibe!

New Orleans is often referred to as a party town. If you are seeking celebration and endless nightlife, this is the place for you. But what if you are a non-drinker who is not necessarily interested in partying the night away? Well, fear not, because this city has so much more to offer than a great bar scene.

Here are just a few things you can do in this unique and fascinating city!

Food Tours-In addition to drink, New Orleans is known for its rich culinary history. It is a melting pot of diversity and this is reflected in its food. Come and experience a food tour where you will taste great local dishes such as beignets, jambalaya, and other traditional offerings that will make you want that extra second helping!


What to Do in New Orleans if You Don't Drink

What to Do in New Orleans if You Don't Drink

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