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What Makes Moleskin Fabric So Popular?

A lot of people get confused when they hear the term “moleskin”. Spoiler alert; it is not made of moles. Moleskin is a versatile heavy cotton fabric, that is woven and then sheared to create a soft pile on one side. It was given this very specific name because the texture of this fabric is similar to the skin of moles.

This densely woven cotton fabric is a popular alternative to chino pants and jeans. It sometimes gets confused with corduroy or velvet. Moleskin differs from corduroy in softness and weight, it is usually softer and heavier than corduroy. Although it has the same premium appearance as velvet, it is less expensive.

Moleskin fabric has become a sought-after option for trousers and pants, especially in men’s clothing. You can find lots of modern brands selling moleskin trousers online, and people seem to love them as well. For instance, you can see that everyone who bought a moleskin trouser from this leading brand, seems to be loving it.

History of Moleskin

The moleskin fabric can be traced back to medieval times in Europe. It was quite popular among the European hunters and farmers of that time because of its durability and warmth. During the 19th century, it was considered a must-have for steelworkers. European steelworkers used aprons and pants made out of moleskin because of their protection from molten metal and tough quality.

This material is water-resistant as well as wind-resistant, which is why moleskin jackets and pants were in demand among farmers who worked in cold outdoors. In the later century, the fabric started gaining popularity among sportsmen and estate owners. The West German Army used an unshorn version of the fabric in the later part of the 20th century. That is also the time when moleskin pants who are introduced in the United States as “ratcatchers”.

Benefits of Moleskin Trousers

Following are some of the key benefits of moleskin trousers and pants.

  • Moleskin is an amazingly durable material.
  • It is a versatile fabric that has been used by various kinds of people over the last few centuries.
  • The density of this material makes it great for the field.
  • It protects against snags from briars and brambles.
  • It can be used in a variety of outdoor conditions.
  • Moleskin is a wind-resistant fabric.
  • With a little bit of treatment, it becomes water-resistant as well.
  • It is a vegan material. No animals are hurt in the process of producing moleskin.
  • Moleskin pants and casual moleskin trousers are soft, comfortable, and sophisticated.

Uses of Moleskin

Moleskin is a rugged and thick fabric that performs wonderfully in any kind of environment. It is most often used to manufacture stylish and sturdy pants. Despite being such a tough fabric that protects you against wind and moisture, it is quite breathable.

In the outdoors, moleskin trousers can be worn in a wider range of temperature than denim. It is pretty comfortable in a warm temperature but its peak performance can be experienced in cold weather.

Moleskin trousers also are trendy as indoor wear. Moleskin fabric not only looks amazing but also feels incredible. The good thing about moleskin is that it is sturdier than khakis and dressier than jeans. You can use them casually with a sweater or wear them with a blazer or sports coat if you want a dressier look.

When to Wear Moleskin

Moleskin trousers and jackets are the perfect choice for an outdoor lifestyle in cold temperatures because of the warmth that this fabric provides. However, it is not just for hunters, fisherman, and sportsman. Moleskin trousers can also be worn with business casual dressing. They feel elegant and look great with a knit woolen sweater.

Washing Instructions and Moleskin Care

Moleskin trousers shrink up to half an inch in length on the first wash. There should be no considerable shrinking after that. It is better to wash them at 30°C with a non biological detergent. Turning the trousers inside out before washing is also a good practice. You can turn them back after washing them from the inside. Moleskin fabric can be easily washed in a washing machine in cold water but the cycle speed should be gentle.

Avoid tumble drying and the usage of softener. Instead, dry it in the air naturally. Line dry the clothes or dry indoors on a drying rack.

You can use a steam iron and an ironing cloth to iron moleskin. For long-lasting performance, turn the clothes inside out while ironing.

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