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What is the number one mistake women make when it comes to using fillers?

According to Dr. Greg Wiener M.D. FACS, one of the biggest mistakes people make is going to a doctor that is not a board-certified surgeon or dermatologist for injections. Or worse, they go to a salon or med spa that is not immediately supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist on-site. In these cases, patients don’t really know who is doing the injection or if that person fully understands the differences between the products and how they should be used.

There has also been renewed concern about blindness or other visual compromise following injections around the eyes. Some of the arteries in the eyebrow area and at the side of the nose near the corner of the eye are linked to the vessels around the eyeball and the retinal artery. Forceful, intravascular injections in these areas could send emboli of the material into these arteries and compromise circulation to the eye/retina. This is, thank goodness, really rare, and there are safe techniques and products that can be used in these areas by trained professionals.

Dr. Greg Wiener M.D. FACS
is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has been practicing at Resurrection Hospital for more than 9 years.
He was named a Consumers’ Research Council of America “Top Surgeon” and completed his residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Dr. Wiener has been featured in several media outlets such as E! News Live, WFLD-TV, WMAQ-TV, Univision Online, Oxygen Magazine, Healthy and Fit Magazine, Forbes, US Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Globe, Daily Herald, Chicago Sun Times and the Today Show Website. He is also a regular contributor to Aesthetic Trends.

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