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What Is the Best Jewelry Brand in the World?

Donning a world-renowned label as a statement jewelry piece is the best feeling a woman can experience. However, a few brands have set themselves apart from their average competitors. 

Unsurprisingly, the more renowned the jewelry brand is, the more value it packs. Whether it’s to show social status, your love for luxury, or to adorn yourself with the best creations in the world – some brands help you achieve all that.

Here are six of the best jewelry brands in the world right now and the reasons why they’re deemed as such. 

#1 Bvlgari 

Founded in a small Greek town over 100 years ago, Bvlgari set the bar high in the jewelry industry. Now renowned throughout the globe, the brand is most famous for its unique, sensual, and emotion-evoking pieces.

Every item is made to wow the wearer and her audience. Glamour and high status go hand-in-hand for Bvlgari lovers, and the brand continues to deliver pieces that uphold such customer values. 

What makes this Italian brand unique is its constant homage to Roman traditions in the form of thought-provoking, colorful and vibrant jewelry.

#2 Cartier 

Another great brand is Cartier, a French jewelry powerhouse delivering unique gems to aristocratic societies. 

The self-named brand is notorious for creating exquisite, eye-catching pieces coupled with the rarest, prettiest gems found on the planet. Alongside introducing beautiful jewelry, Cartier is also recognized for its timeless watch pieces. 

#3 Harry Winston 

Titled as one of the best jewelers in the world right now, this American brand goes above and beyond to produce luxury statement jewelry

Every Harry Winston piece is made intricately, with years of craftsmanship. As a result, the brand is a staple for many celebrities worldwide. 

#4 Tiffany & Co. 

Unless you’re living under a rock, there’s no way you haven’t heard of this iconic company at least once in your life. 

Founded in the hub of New York City, Tiffany & Co. is the go-to brand for couples worldwide. Its line of rare jeweled engagement and wedding bands are the most sought-after by those tying the knot. 

#5 Mikimoto

The Japanese brand is globally famous for its beautiful pearl combinations with rare diamonds and gems. Overall, the simplicity of the brand is what makes it so unique. 

Mikimoto defines elegance and class through its hand-crafted pieces, making royal families and high-society families drool in awe. 

#6 Hermes

Famous for its top-quality Parisian pieces, Hermes has established itself as one of the most exquisite jewelry brands in the world. Offering customers watches and unique jewelry pieces, this brand has set itself apart through impeccable craftsmanship. 

Hermes is more desirable because every item is usually a limited edition. It’s not surprising to see women flocking to Hermes to get their hands on at least one statement piece.  

How the Jewelry Industry Is Changing Over Time

The fast-paced jewelry industry is slowly changing its long-term production values to stay in tune with the world. 

Companies that paid no heed to environmental issues are now sought-after due to their sustainable lines. While it’s working, consumers are starting to look elsewhere for their wardrobe essentials.

However, smaller jewelry brands have been doing this for years, making people choose them over century-old brands. 

Although the fore-mentioned companies are the most famous in the world (and rightfully so), there’s no denying that consumers are starting to recognize the worth of many smaller, eco-friendlier brands as sustainable alternatives. 

Such brands vow to give back to the planet while also fulfilling customer demands – and consumers are rapidly showing appreciation for their environmental consciousness.


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