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What is Immersive Tech, and How is Society Currently Embracing It?

In a lot of sci-fi movies and tv shows, we have witnessed scenes where a character enters a room through a virtual world. Since then, many people have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to experience a virtual world. Today, immersive technology is gaining popularity. In fact, several industries, like travel, beauty, and fashion industries, are now utilizing immersive technologies to give their customers a better experience. So, what is this technological advancement, and how is the world embracing it? To answer these questions, here are some ways society is embracing immersive technology.

What is Immersive Tech?

Immersive technology is computer-generated content that expands the physical environment into a space where users can see the full view of a product, service, or experience. To achieve this, digital content is added to the physical space. As a result, users may also hear or feel the computer-stimulated environment.

Some examples of immersive technology are:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) uses a device to transform a physical place into a digital environment. As a result, you will be able to see a 360-degree view of your computer-generated surrounding. For instance, you can view the underwater world via virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) uses a device to blend the physical and virtual worlds. To be specific, digital images are layered over a real-world setting to deliver an immersive experience.

Additionally, AR can be used on laptops and smartphones. In fact, numerous apps use AR technology. One example is an app that enables you to translate text through your camera. There’s also an app that will show you what your garden will look like with different kinds of plants.

Ways Society is Embracing Immersive Technology

1. Gaming

For the past years, the gaming industry has used immersive tech to improve the gaming experience. Game makers have improved the processing, graphics, and other technologies of the latest games to create exciting and captivating experiences for their users. Many VR units and headsets now exist in the gaming world.

2. Online Shopping

One of the ways society is embracing immersive technology is through online shopping. As you know, there are some problems when buying products online. For one, most customers can’t feel or interact with the product. As a result, some are not satisfied with their purchase.

With the help of immersive technology, brands can provide their customers with a better online shopping experience. For example, some companies’ AR technology allows buyers to virtually put one of their items in their room or home. As a result, a customer will be more confident with his purchase.

3. Work-Related Training

Another way society is embracing immersive tech is through work-related training. Today, many companies use AR and VR to train employees. As a result, the trainee can have more hands-on experience to help them deal with difficult situations at work. Plus, the use of immersive technology can speed up the training process without compromising quality.

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