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What is Color Blocking and How Can You Incorporate It Into Your Routine this Year?

If you think your wardrobe is getting a bit stale, you can try color blocking. This timeless fashion trend will work wonders for your outfits, especially if you like playing with different colors and textures. However, you have to remember that your body shape and personal style can affect this styling technique. As such, you have to learn some ways to incorporate color blocking into your outfits.

What is Color Blocking?

Popularized by Yves Saint Laurent, color blocking is a styling technique that involves combining solid colors to create exciting visual effects. Through this technique, you’ll be able to add energy to your outfit. Plus, you’ll be able to switch your favorite styles with ease.

Ways to Incorporate Color Blocking into Your Outfits

1. Combining Two or Three Colors

One of the easiest ways to incorporate color blocking into your outfits is to combine two or three solid colors. If you’re unsure how the color combination works, you can use the color wheel. From there, you can pick colors that are close together, such as red, pink, and orange. Another method is to choose colors across from each other, like yellow and blue. Finally, you can also combine varying shades of the same color.

2. Pairing a Neutral Color with Bold Color

Aside from combining various hues, you can also color block your outfit by pairing a neutral shade with a bold color. For example, you can pair a gray skirt with a yellow top. The result is an outfit that will stand out without overwhelming your overall look.

3. Experimenting with Unusual Color Combinations

Color blocking is popular because it allows you to play with colors. As such, one of the simplest ways to incorporate color blocking into your outfits is to experiment with unusual color combinations. For example, you wear a blue dress and top it with a pink jacket.

Tips for a Successful Color Blocking

After knowing the different ways to incorporate color blocking into your outfits, you have to know some tips to use this styling technique. Keep in mind that color blocking should be flattering. Aside from that, it should not overwhelm your overall look.

One way to ensure color blocking works is to ensure that the light and dark colors you’re going to use are balanced. Also, you have to make sure that you highlight your features. You can achieve this by opting for the best colors to wear based on your hair, eyes, and skin. From there, you can experiment and play with different colors to create an outfit that will not only stand out but make a statement as well.


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