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What is Augmented Reality Shopping, and Why is It Trending?

Almost everyone has been shopping online since the pandemic started. Today, augmented reality shopping is gaining popularity because it will give you a satisfactory shopping experience even at home. So, what are the reasons augmented reality shopping is trending?

What is Augmented Reality Shopping?

Augmented reality shopping allows consumers to try a product virtually. To be specific, it will not replace the real world. Instead, it will augment your surrounding with several virtual objects. As a result, you will be able to try and test the product without wearing or using it.

In augmented reality shopping, you can use various devices to try the product. Some of the most popular devices are tablets, smartphones, digital mirrors, many more.

So, how does augmented reality works? This software will also use your phone’s camera, GPS, computer vision technology, and other features to gather information about your surrounding. From there, it will overlay contextual information (in 3D or 2D) on top of the environmental image.

An example of augmented reality shopping is when you’re buying a piece of furniture. The augmented reality will allow shoppers to customize and put 3D models of various pieces of furniture in their room. As a result, you can determine if the product is suitable for your home.

Reasons Augmented Reality Shopping is Trending

1. It Allows You to Preview the Product

One downside of purchasing products online is that you won’t be able to try or inspect them properly. With augmented reality, you can do preview the product and get a detailed description using your smartphone or tablet. For example, you’re buying a pair of shoes. Augmented reality can give you a preview of the shoes from different angles. Plus, the software will put the shoes on your feet so that you will know if they look good on you or not.

Because you can properly preview the product in augmented reality shopping, you can pick the best item without consuming a lot of time. As such, this software can give you a satisfactory shopping experience.

2. It Decreases Hygiene Issues

A decrease in hygiene issues is one of the best reasons augmented reality shopping is trending. Today, there are some procedures you need to follow when shopping. The reason for these procedures and safety protocols is to prevent cross-contamination. In augmented reality shopping, you don’t have to handle or touch the product. Remember, the software will create a 3d model. As such, this type of shopping is safer and more hygienic compared to traditional shopping.

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