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What is a Wardrobe Detox and How To Do It

A wardrobe detox is a period of time in which you take in order to do a deep and thorough cleaning of your closet. Here are some great final storage solutions that will give your wardrobe a fresh new start, so follow this definitive guide on how to organize your clothes now that you are stepping up your game:

  1. Take out EVERYTHING

Take everything out, from your clothes to your accessories; this way, you can see exactly what you’re dealing with. Arrange the items by categories: pants in one pile, coats in another, shoes in another and so on, so you can see clearly those repeated purchases. It’s okay to have seven variations on a navy blue sweater if you wear them all. You will also rediscover some forgotten gems.

  1. Question Yourself

This can be an uncomfortable process but you must do it! Sample questions may include: If those shoes were in a store at this time, would you buy them? Did I wear that shirt last year? Does that skirt still fit? Do I feel comfortable using it? If the answer to any of the above is no, then put that item into a donation/resale pile.

  1. Ode To Joy

If you have one item that brings you excessive joy, even if you use it only once a year, do not throw it away. Instead, make sure it’s freshly washed, that the missing buttons or broken zippers have been replaced, and that it’s stored in a garment bag (not the plastic ones from your dry-cleaner, because they attract dust and the dust attracts moths). This way, you are more likely to look for it on a whim (and find it in mint condition).

  1. Get a Second opinion

Ask a friend or friends whose opinion you value and invite them over. They will give you an honest assessment of whether that skirt or blouse that you love since way back in college, still suits you or not. This can be particularly useful, especially if you have hoarder-like tendencies.

  1. Use Instagram

If you are not sure whether you should keep a certain item or not and there’s no one available to help you make up your mind, then take a photo of the item and do a yes / no survey on Instagram.

  1. Recycle

Do not forget to run a Detox on your t-shirt and underwear drawers. Garments that you no longer used should be recycled. There are many stores such as H & M that offer a textile recycling service.

  1. Waste time

If something is hanging in your closet with the label still on (and you did not buy it recently), then it should go to the donation / resale pile. Never keep anything in the hope that a certain trend will be back or that you’ll like it again, you probably will not, and the piece will only take up space.

  1. Reuse, Resell, Recycle

Keep in mind for future purchases why you are getting rid of these garments: a pale pastel tone that does not goes with your skin tone, an unattractive neckline, so you do not make the same mistakes in the future. Keep a total of what you have sold so you can remember how liberating a wardrobe detox can be, both psychologically and financially.


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