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What if There’s No Such Thing as Soulmates?

To many of us, the idea of finding a “soulmate” has tainted our perceptions of love. This concept promoted by fairy tales and rom coms has done more harm than good. It stems from the belief that there is one person out there for each of us.

The idea of “soulmates” has its origins in ancient mythology. Legend has it that human beings were split into two by the gods as punishment for their sins. Since then, they have wandered the earth, searching for their other half who can complete them. When they come face to face with their soulmate, they’ll experience a feeling, stronger than words that lets them know they’ve found the “one.”

But this idea that we are half-formed people looking for someone to complete us may not be the right way to approach love.

Know That There’s more to Love than Feelings

Feelings and emotions cannot be the sole foundation on which an entire relationship is based. Your strong feelings towards someone may not always point you in the right direction. If you choose your partner based on your feelings alone, you may end up with regrets. Human beings are fickle, and feelings come and go. When faced with hard times, these feelings could disappear. Most successful long term relationships are built on trust, patience, and communication.

Learn to Flourish Alone

Because of the endless stereotypes about unmarried women of a certain age, there’s enormous pressure to find love. But, it’s important to feel confident and complete, before rushing into a relationship. You can find real happiness without love and being single comes with its own perks. You will become more self-reliant and have tons of time to yourself. If you’re not emotionally prepared to worry about the wants and needs of another person, then singlehood might be for you.

Stop Waiting for Mr. Right

If you’re expecting to see stars and hear music when you finally meet your “soulmate,” you may be waiting a while. Do yourself a favor and focus on forming lasting connections with the people around you. Value your time alone and appreciate time spent with your friends and loved ones. Start believing in your true worth instead of trying to prove yourself to others.

If you’re happy with yourself and enjoy your life, you’ll eventually meet someone you connect with. Remember that for a relationship to work, it must be based on a combination of feelings, rational choices, respect and tons of open communication.


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