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What Expression Does the Shape of Your Eyebrows Give You?

There are a million and one ways to express yourself, and we believe that when it comes to beauty and fashion, we use the same ways over and over again. We fail to consider the little things that might make big statements in favor of the same old, same old, and in doing that we miss an opportunity to stand out in a new way as a unique and confident woman.What are we suggesting? Eyebrow shaping. Why are we suggesting it? Because your eyebrows actually do say so much about who you are and what attitude you have, and done correctly, could enhance your beauty in a whole new way. What expression does the shape of your eyebrows give you?

It Starts with a Shape

First thing’s first: you cannot pick an eyebrow type and run with it, expecting it to complete your look, without first examining the shape of your face. Consider many popular celebrities with standout eyebrows: Robert Pattinson has thick, long eyebrows that work for his look; that doesn’t necessarily mean if you like thick, bushy eyebrows that you should go for it. So, make your way to a mirror with a dry-erase marker; carefully outline the shape of your face as you stand facing the mirror. The shape you end up with will determine the perfect eyebrow look, and in turn an expression that works perfectly for your face.

Round Face, High Arch Eyebrows, Curiously Thoughtful Expression

Round faces need a little elongating, so an eyebrow that cleanly arches upward more significantly is a great look that lends itself to a curiously thoughtful expression. People who see an eyebrow like this will see and assume you may be intentionally deep in thought. Oftentimes when we think, we raise our eyebrows naturally, and they form a bit of an arch. So, not only will an arched eyebrow create a structured, hard look on an otherwise round face, they’ll cause you to look expressive and thoughtful.

Heart Face, Light and Subtle Eyebrows, Soft and Approachable Expression

If the shape of your face resembles a heart or a diamond, the likelihood is that the top half of your face already draws more attention, simply because it’s larger or more pronounced than the smaller or more angular jaw and mouth area. For that reason, an extremely shaped, thick, or intentionally arched eyebrow may make it seem like you come on too strong in conversation. Rather, opt to soften that top heavy look by shaping your eyebrows minimally, and keeping them trimmed for a low key look; this will give you a soft and approachable expression.

Square Face, Rounded Eyebrows, Even Keel Yet Positive Expression

For faces that tend to be more angled or squared, steer clear of high arches that may insinuate you’re up to no good at all times! Too much shape, too many angles causes a look that isn’t quite natural. Rather, opt for a softly rounded brow that evens out the structure of your face and features. This will create an expression that looks consistently and naturally positive and upbeat, no matter how you’re feeling.

Our eyebrows can express emotions and feelings whether we mean them to or not! Take your face shape into consideration, and shape your eyebrows to give the intentional expression you want to give!


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