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What Color Nails Do the ROYALS Wear?

Now that Meghan Markle is about to become royalty, what color nails is she allowed to wear?

Meghan Markle is about to marry into the royal family. Many royal fans are watching her every move. Her fashion sense, accessories, and even her beauty choices are now under the scrutiny of the world’s eyes. She is now expected to follow a strict royal dress code that includes her choice of nail color. What colors nails do the royals wear? Nudes and neutrals!

Apparently, one of the favorite nail polish brands of both the Queen and Kate Middleton is Essie. And Essie has launched a royalty-inspired collection of natural looking nail colors.  Royals are expected to wear only nude-looking colors at all official events. Megan Markle is following in suit and has already been seen sporting a nude nail look.


Before she was to become a royal, Megan was seen on the red carpet in darker manicures. She wore her nails longer with vampy colors. Now, however, she will only be seen at events in natural, nude nails. In fact, she might even choose colors from Essie’s Enchanted Gel Couture Collection. This collection was inspired by “romance and royalty”.

All six colors in this collection are variations of natural looking colors.  “Matter of Fiction” is a blush pink, “Princess Charming” is a rose mauve, “Once Upon a Time” is a light blue, “Spellbound” is a light green with a hint of rich gold, “Daring Damsel” is a champagne gold, and “Good Knight” is an enticing red.


Did you know that The Queen herself is a big fan of Essie’s infamous “Ballet Slippers”?  And that Kate also favors Essie’s nude pink colors? Nudes go well with everything this season from comfy sweaters to faux fur jackets and scarfs, So, be like Megan Markle and the rest of the royals this season and wear simple, yet sophisticated neutral colors on your nails this season.



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