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Experience Europe Just 30 Minutes Outside of Los Angeles

Westlake Village Inn Offers the Perfect Vacation Close to Home

I’ve been to many inns and vacation spots while traveling with VIVA GLAM Magazine, and I’ve seen some pretty breathtaking places. I have to say, however, that the Westlake Village Inn is definitely in my top favorite spots. In fact, Westlake Village Inn is the perfect place to go for a relaxing getaway if you’re ever visiting the Los Angeles area. Even better, it’s the perfect getaway that’s still close to home if you live here! One of the things that makes it so special is that even though it’s close to many establishments (so you can head out and get your morning Starbucks if you feel so inclined), it still feels as if it’s tucked away in the countryside. Perhaps, it’s because it’s the only property in Los Angeles County with its own Vineyard! Or perhaps it’s because it has several restaurants, a lake, and a spa conveniently on-property. Whatever the reason, we highly recommend you take a much needed post-COVID vacation to the Westlake Village Inn.

The VIVA GLAM Magazine team was thrilled to come check out the property for ourselves. We found colorful gardens, majestic statues, and gorgeous European-style buildings surrounding us, and we immediately felt as if we were at a home away from home. Just walking to see our room, we admired the amount of places there were for people to stop, sit on a comfy cushioned chair, and enjoy the views. Our room was conveniently near the spa, so we could easily get to the pool or sauna, and the restaurants were right by us, making for an easy walk back to the room at night after a glass or two of wine.

While the exteriors of the buildings offered a luxurious, charming European feel, the rooms, themselves, had more modern touches to them. What stood out to me the most was the large tub in the bathroom. The bathroom seemed to be one room with the gorgeous suite until you pulled big wooden sliding doors out to close it into it’s own room. It was very unique and clever, making it perfect for someone like me who absolutely loves taking tub baths.

There was a fireplace in the room we stayed in, which added even more warmth and comfort to our cozy little room. And I quickly noticed the arrangement of the rooms provided a nice view from every room’s balcony. There are no bad views here!

I think the most incredible thing about the Westlake Village Inn, however, is how unbelievably clean and spotless it feels. Though much of the property is outside, every detail is perfectly attended to at all times. Everything is crisp, neat, and well tended to. Inside the buildings, you won’t find a single drop of anything on the ground. The management here really knows how to pay attention to every small detail, and it shows.

All in all, we highly recommend you come stay at the Westlake Village Inn. With The Stonhaus on site, Spa Relais on property, and so many relaxing hangout spots, it’s definitely the place to host your ultimate getaway now that the world is slowly opening back up! Will we see you there soon?


Spa Relais Offers the Perfect Getaway in Westlake Village

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