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Wedding Day Makeup DIY

Tips and Advice for DIY Wedding Day Makeup

My wedding is taking place in Norway. A beautiful country that I have fallen in love with, but also a country that is still unfamiliar to me in so many ways. I know already, that I won’t be able to find a local makeup artist that can do a better job than I can on my wedding day. So, I decided right away, that I would just do my own hair and makeup. I also recently gave some advice to a friend that was having a destination wedding, who asked me about doing her own makeup.

Here’s my advice for doing your own wedding day makeup:

Don’t stray too far from the makeup routine you usually do, just perfect it by having the right tools and products. You can even higher a professional makeup artist for a private lesson to help and give you pointers. The best wedding makeup, is still looking like yourself! Youtube also has many how-to makeup videos to help.

Do not wear SPF on your big day; it doesn’t photograph well. It tends to reflect the light, even when worn under makeup it can make you look pale or shiny in flash photographs.

Use blotting papers to soak up excess oil during your wedding to avoid caking on too much powder.

And, especially for this day, even though it’s a pain to remove at night, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner!

Find inspiration for your wedding day makeup look. Whether you are experienced with applying makeup or new to it, keep it simple, classic and as natural as possible.

Practice this look on yourself. Many times. I suggest beginning to practice the final makeup choice on yourself at least a month before the wedding.

Get the right products for the look. Long wearing formulas, waterproof, high quality formulas, and the right shades are essential for creating that perfect wedding day look. Buying the right products and shades will help you to look your best on the big day.

Have the right makeup brushes. A great way to not only ensure proper makeup application on your wedding day, but a great investment for your makeup collection everyday. High quality makeup brushes last longer than any makeup, they also ensure easier and more natural application. You can buy great ones I have designed at

If it’s an option, ask a friend to help you on the big day. Ask someone with a steady hand to help you apply that liquid liner, or apply the false lashes on your big day to relieve some stress and any mistakes. It’s a great idea to ask them before the big day, and do a trial run. I recommend waterproof mascara and individual false lashes, because they will look more natural and you wont run the risk of them coming unglued if you tear up.

Bring touch-up Makeup. Things happen during the wedding that can mess up even a professional makeup job. So expect to touch up your makeup every bathroom trip you make. At least try to look at it and make sure everything looks ok. Crying, hugging and kissing, dancing, and even eating can cause your makeup to disappear. Bring a compact with powder to cover shine, lipcolor, and Qtips as the bare minimum. You even ask a bridesmaid to hold it in her purse.

The most important part of your makeup for your big day is evening out your skintone for that flawless bride look, using foundation, concealer under eyes and on blemishes (apply over foundation), and a translucent setting powder.

Remember that a natural look is always best for your wedding day, so NO harsh/super bright colors or extreme sparkle.


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