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Websites Every College Student Should Keep Bookmarked

College students have to deal with a lot of stress and encounter new challenges on a daily basis. Having to juggle classes, homework, personal projects, part-time jobs, social life, and other commitments can seem impossible, especially at the beginning. However, there are ways to make this task at least a little bit easier – here we have gathered some of the websites that can help you with it.


One of the most annoying necessities one encounters in college is the need to keep track of your own schedule, which is usually much less straightforward than it used to be in high school. Remembering where and when you are supposed to be can become a real problem, particularly when you have so many other things on your plate. Hangtime can solve this problem for you – with its help you can easily arrange your schedule, customize it so that it looks visually appealing, use different colors and backgrounds to put emphasis on the most important periods and turn it into a photo you can print out and hang on a wall. Its added benefit is that you can share your schedule with friends (it synchronizes with Facebook). If all of you have Hangtime accounts, it will become easier to see when all of you have free time so that you can spend it together.

Not everybody is cut out for academic writing, and even top students need a little bit of assistance from time to time. The next time you encounter difficulties with an essay or a research paper, you will not have to run around in a panic – simply visit website, place an order and forget all about your problems. Its highly experienced and trustworthy writers will do all the necessary research and send you the paper written according to your requirements in no time.

The Free Library

The Free Library is exactly what it says on the tin – it is a library chock-full of useful books (both fiction and non-fiction), magazines, journals, news articles, etc. you can use to your heart’s content. And what is more important is that it is all absolutely legal, and you do not have to be afraid of the website getting closed when you need it most.

Student Beans

Being a student is pretty much synonymous with being broke. It always seems that no matter how much you save and work, there is simply not enough money to go around. In such a situation, every cent you save is important – and Student Beans is here to help you do it. Simply put, it informs you about all the best and latest student discounts, special offers and sales, tailored to your location.


Want to learn something but cannot afford to add to your already bloated college schedule? EdX to the rescue! On this website, you can find courses offered by the leading universities (including the likes of Harvard and MIT) that you can study free of charge whenever and wherever you like. Choose your sphere of interest, pick one of the dozens of courses, and get the skills you always wanted to learn.


For many, college becomes the first time in their lives when they face complete freedom and independence. This, however, comes at a price – when something breaks down, you cannot go to your dad and ask him to fix it. With Instructables, you can take the matter in your own hands. This website hosts literally thousands of manuals and step-by-step instructions on how to fix, build, and create anything from a stool to a computer.


Studying and preparing to exams can sometimes turn into a little drudgery. When you have no free time, and the work itself stops being rewarding, why not bring a little play into the process? Habitica gives you an opportunity to treat your boring, everyday duties as quests in an RPG game. Whenever you achieve your goals, stick to useful habits, and avoid bad ones, your avatar gets experience and grows stronger. When you allow yourself to slide back, it reflects on your state in the game. It may sound silly, but sometimes little things like this make us carry out important decisions!

What websites do you believe should be in every student’s bookmarks? Share them in comments!

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