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Should YOU Be Wearing Less Foundation? Sammy Robinson Believes So!

Beauty blogger Sammy Robinson believes women are hiding their beauty underneath too much foundation.

If Sammy Robinson looks familiar to you it might be because she initially gained fame as a beauty blogger who looked a lot like supermodel Gigi Hadid.
She has over 300,000 followers on Instagram who follow her advice on all things beauty! Recently, she revealed her secrets on how to get gorgeous, glowing skin!

Sammy, who hails from Australia, is known for her youthful good looks and beauty hacks.
When applying foundation, she said, “I generally use a light amount of foundation and base products. My general rule is, to create a natural look, use cream products that will melt into the skin and then when you want to amp up the drama I will layer some powders to really lock it down.”

Indeed, many other beauty experts are saying the same thing as there is less chance of creasing when you wear minimal foundation. Also, too much base can make you look like you are wearing a mask. This can make you look actually older, not more youthful! Instead, she recommends using a lighter hand when applying foundation to let your natural beauty shine through!

Sammy also believes that transitioning from natural makeup to a more glamorous look involves very subtle changes. She explained, “When I want to make my natural look more glam, I bump up the lashes to full extreme, overdraw my lips slightly, usually with a darker matte brown, and just make sure to powder and layer a few extra products just to ensure it stays intact and doesn’t fade.”

She also adores micellar water with cotton balls to remove her makeup, and she’s a fan of cleansing oil because it melts makeup off her face.
She follows this with a lightweight cleanser to remove any additional residue.
And, like many Millennials who want be thrifty, she likes drugstore brands!

What’s in store for Sammy in the future? She’s launching her own brand of makeup soon! Congratulations to Sammy Robinson as she is passionate about creating all things beauty!

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