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Wear Polka Dot Nails In Summer For A Chic Refreshing Look

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We all adore polka dresses and accessories, but we have never talked about polka dot nails. Polka dot nails are not new, but fashionistas have declared them the “nails of summer this season.”

Therefore, we needed to convey this new fashion trend to our pretty readers. We all have tried earth-toned nails, yellow nails, flowery nails, and every other kind of nail. But what we have not tried are the polka dot nails. Hence, here we bring you our collection dedicated to polka dot nails this week.

Polka dot nails are for everyone regardless of everything. But, they are majorly adored among young girls and women who love girlish looks and things. These are cute enough to even try out on your daughters and nieces.

Read on to find your perfect nail design for this season.

Wear Polka Dot Nails In Summers For A Chic Refreshing Look 1
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Photo By @victoriac07/Instagram

Our first pick is very basic and easy to achieve. You only have to paint one nail with glitter nail color. And the others, Paint the others with a light blue or pastel blue bas coat and do the polka dot art over it with white color. You can even try dots with different colors according to your preferences.

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