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Ways to Display Your Best Photos Apart from Instagram

Memories – the perfect way to relive all the grand and incredible moments you have once cherished and lived within. Especially good memories, help you remember each of your loved times when you felt at home and at your best. They make you feel the same you felt at that particular moment when the memory etched into your heart for you to carry eternally.

Though, how can you hold these sweet tendrils of the past and keep them forever with you so that they do not get lost in your brain? With photos, of course. There is no better way to hold and recall the past except clicking pictures!

Just one look at the framed photo on your work desk and all the tension melts away as you remember your best times from a recent vacation. Or a loving and longing stare at the picture of your family in your hostel room, which warms you while you study far away from home.

Pictures have a way to make you see the world in all the same colors and hues which you once enjoyed and relished at the scene of the click. The shortest glimpse, and you have transported once again to the place where you can feel the echoes of merriment and shadows of happy times.

And, there are naturally too many ways to install these gateways of past experiences into your life. And with the arrival of modern times, Instagram throwbacks seem to be one of the best ways.

But apart from the Gram, there are still many ways to showcase your most cherished bits and relive them whenever you want. You can make the best use of your million or so smartphone pictures and also get new decor pieces. So, dive into the following tips and get a free pass to the history!

Canvas photo collages

Want to look back to your cherished possessions of the 4th dimension? You can try a luxurious canvas collage to help you out! Not only is it the best way to portrait your pleasantest moments, but it is also a dainty and stylish addition to your home decor.

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Canvas prints are a huge rage nowadays, and when you get a canvas print that portrays your memories in a collage form, you get the best out of both worlds!

All you need to do is upload your best pictures to CanvasPop, and behold – you have a collage worth royalty which is hand-stretched to make your pictures pop!

Tips for photo collages

  • Canvas photo collages make an excellent gift. Gift some of your shared recollections with family or friends, and you have an acquaintance for life.
  • Add your pets into your canvas photo collage pictures to treat your pets to a warm and loving reminder of your appreciation and gratitude for their (pets’) love and loyalty.

Jute Thread Photo Hanger

When thinking of adding a rusty decor into your house, you can never go wrong. And when the decor is displayed intending to depict your favorite pictures, you are absolutely more than right.

You can get the best rustic appearance for your house by adding this Jute thread as a photo hanger.

All you have to do is –

  • Spray two nails with light brown wood paint.
  • Carefully hammer the nails some horizontal distance apart, into the wall you want to display the pictures on, or even above a mantlepiece, etc.
  • Twist the jute thread on one nail and the other end of the thread on the second nail.
  • Now, hang the pictures you want to hang from the jute thread with the help of wooden cloth pegs.
  • You can even regularly change the pictures from the pegs as this is not completely permanent or change the pictures according to approaching festivals or seasons.

Doesn’t the combination of wood and jute give you a serious classy yet graceful feeling?!

Picture Clock

Want to layout your pictures in a very smart way, but all of your free wall space is hogged up by other furniture or furnishings? Worry not. This tip is the one you need!

Not only is it a clever way to portray your images, but it also works as a fully-functional clock! Hence it saves space that otherwise might have been taken by your old and boring wall clock.

An efficient yet fashionable makeover for your pictures right here!

  • Either use framed pictures, polaroid, or even custom stretched canvases by CanvasPop.
  • Space and place your 12 preferred pictures as you would place numbers on a clock.
  • In the exact middle of the pictures, hang a clock motor.
  • Set the time and visit the memory lane whenever you check the time!

Assorted Frames

If DIYs and other handiwork requiring ideas are not much of your taste, you can go along with this idea that is easier to follow. You can keep this look as minimal as you want or go overboard and get the most out of it.

It is the best way if you want to portray quite a few pictures because there is no limit to this idea. Also, if you are trying to reduce pictures in your phone storage but do not want to lose them, this is what you need to do.

  • You can use pictures printed either on photograph paper or even plain normal paper. Printing them in different dimensions is better.
  • Frame the pictures in frames of different sizes, and even different colors if you like.
  • Plain black frames stand out on white and grey walls. You can opt for colors that go best with your wall.
  • Hang the frames in no particular order, but near together.

Now you have a perfectly ordered chaotic display of your best pictures! Cover the whole wall if you want or just a section depending on your preference.

Fridge Door Pictures

This display tactic is never going out of fashion.

  • Take your pictures and simply hang them on the fridge door using magnets.
  • You can interfere with the picture sequence using Reminder post-its furthermore, adding a splash of color.

Recycle the pictures whenever you want. Use your most prized photos and display them proudly over your fridge when you hold your next party or on a family reunion!

While posting pictures on Insta seems to be a cool idea regarding the modern age, etc. but nothing can beat the beauty that picture decors bring into your life. Have these picture ideas installed and get down the memory lane ASAP!


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