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Ways To Color Your Hair Naturally

1. Use Coffee Grounds

One of the best natural ingredients you can use to color your hair would be coffee grounds. This works if you are trying to go darker with your hair. It’s also a good way to cover up gray hairs or add more dimension to your hair. If you want to use this method, brew a strong cup of coffee. You can brew espresso as it will work well. From there, allow the coffee to cool down. Once it’s cool, you can mix it with some hair conditioning color gloss along with (2) additional tablespoons of grounds.

Apply the solution to your hair and have it sit there for about an hour or so. If you rinse it with apple cider vinegar it can help the color last. It may take a couple of applications depending on the color you want.

2. Use Black Tea

Another good way to color your hair naturally is by using tea bags. Much like coffee, black tea can do wonders for dying your hair naturally. It’s especially helpful for covering up those pesky gray hairs. If you do have lighter hair, you can get away with using other types of teas. For those that have darker hair, black tea works best. If you are a blonde, you’ll likely want to opt for chamomile instead.

You need to look at your natural hair color to figure out which tea to use. You cannot go from blonde to black hair with this method. However, it can make your blonde hair a shade darker. Whereas, chamomile tea can get you a shade lighter especially if you are willing to sit out in the sun with it. 

As with a lot of other solutions, the longer you keep it in the hair, the more prominent the color will be. Also, you can always go for repeated applications if you don’t get the desired hair color after the first.

Much like the coffee method, you want to try to get the tea overly concentrated. You want it to be heavily concentrated using a minimum of 3 bags. Ideally, you want to bring more than 5 tea bags. You can either apply it to your hair directly or mix it in a conditioner and let it sit. If you are aiming to cover up gray hairs, you can always mix it with dried sage which can help to open your hair follicles naturally. 

You’ll want to leave it on your hair for a minimum of one hour. Ideally, you’ll leave it for longer for better results. You can even leave it on your hair overnight if you use a shower cap to avoid staining anything else. You can continue to monitor your hair color until you’ve achieved the desired result. 

3. Herbal Hair Dye Ingredients

While it will depend on what kind of color you are after, you should be able to successfully use herbs to get your desired result. Here are some of the best suggestions you can use depending on what your natural hair color is:

– Red Hair

For anyone with red hair, you’ll want to use marigolds, rosehips, and even hibiscus to make it darker red or to add some red streaks. When you use herbs, the results you get will continue to accumulate. If you continue to use it regularly, you’ll get more color. To use rosehips and other herbs, you’ll want to put the flowers into the water and allow it to simmer for half an hour. From there, you can strain the water and apply it to the air. Ideally, you want to allow the hair to dry in the sun.

– Dark Hair

Rosemary, sage, and nettle can be good herbs to use for your dark hair. To use them, place the herbs into a pot and allow it to simmer for half an hour. You’ll then want to strain the solution and brush it through your hair. You’ll want it to sit for a good hour or so. You can even make it as a daily rinse that you use after each shower. If you’re using herbs to darken your hair, you’ll want to be patient because it can take several days to get your desired results.

– Blonde Hair

For anyone with blonde hair, chamomile tea works very well. However, you can also use sunflower, saffron, and more. If you want to hide the gray hairs that you have, you’ll want to use rhubarb in a couple of cups of water. Pour it on your hair once it cools down.

If you want to add some red tint to your hair, you can use carrot juice to achieve the effect.

4. Dying Your Hair With Beet and Carrot Juice

Both of these juices can be very effective if you want to add some red tint to your hair. The ideal method will vary based on the shade you want. You can either use one or the other or combine them for a stronger effect. If you want more of a reddish tint, it’s best to use a juice primarily consisting of beets. Whereas, if you want a reddish/orange tint, you’ll want to use one with a majority of carrot juice.

Using this mix, it’s very easy. You would apply around a cup of juice directly to your hair. You can either do it by itself or mix it with coconut oil for an easier application. You’ll want to rub it all around your hair and potentially throw on a shower cap and allow it to dry for an hour. Keep in mind, both of these juices can stain your clothing or anything it gets on. Once it’s time to rinse it out, you’ll want to apply apple cider vinegar afterward. This can help to lock in the color. If you didn’t get the desired tint you were looking for, you can always repeat the following day until you do.

5. Using Henna Powder

One of the best and most natural options is henna powder. This powder comes from the henna plant and it’s been used for thousands of years to dye not only hair but skin and nails too. 

When used by itself, henna typically results in red and orange color. Therefore, if you are seeing different products offering different colors produced with henna, you’re going to want to see what other ingredients it has in it. Redheads and those with auburn-colored hair will typically yield the best results with henna as a natural hair dye. You may find that the results yield more of an orangeish hue. Therefore, you might have to add some chamomile in to make the results less bright and noticeable.

To create your henna concoction, you’ll want to mix around 1 cup of the powder with at least 2 cups of lemon juice. You can even add some apple cider vinegar if you want to maximize the results. Try to allow it to sit for a good 4 to 6 hours until it forms a paste-like solution. Once it does, apply it to the hair and use a comb to ensure it gets every strand. It can get messy so you’ll want to be prepared for it. Afterward, you’ll want to wrap your hair in a shower cap and allow it to sit for a couple of hours or so.

6. Lighten Your Hair With Lemon Juice

One of the easiest ways to give yourself highlights naturally is by using lemon juice. Get some lemons and freshly squeeze them. From there, you’ll want to spray it on your hair. Try to leave the lemon juice on your hair for a few hours. If you head out into the sun with the solution on your hair, it’s only going to amplify the results. Those with blonde hair can lighten their hair, even more, when they mix lemon juice with chamomile tea.

Keep in mind, lemon juice isn’t quick acting. It works slowly to dye your hair. Therefore, you can expect to have to do it several times for noticeable results that you are likely looking to get.

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