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WATCH: Why We All Need to Stop Using the Term ‘Anti-Aging’

The term “anti-aging” doesn’t help you look younger, so why use it?

Isn’t it interesting how words have power? Words have the ability to shape our thinking. Thinking influences our actions and what we can create and accomplish in the world around us. Words can change our destiny. So why would we be “anti” anything that is not bad and beyond our control?

Yes, being against certain things that are negative and preventable is good. War, murder, and other things that hurt people unnecessarily are items we should be against. However, aging is completely natural. We can’t stop it, and we shouldn’t necessarily be afraid of it. Society has told women that much of their significance comes from their outer beauty.  As a result, we fear losing our power with age. We have been taught from very early on that beauty will help us. We can get a good husband, doors will be opened to us for opportunities, and we can attain a higher standard of life through beauty. We can be “happier” using beauty.  And whether these are your beliefs or not, nothing can stop the aging process.

So by embracing the aging process, we can learn to love all the stages of womanhood. Aging is not a “bad” thing. Therefore, we should not be “anti-aging”. Instead, we should live each day to the fullest, regardless of where we are in life. Some of us are younger and more physically beautiful than others, and that is okay.

Instead of being anti-aging, be pro-living! Be pro-experiences! Be pro-active in your own life! Be pro-love! Be pro-fun! Embrace who you are today. Love who you are today. Whether you are 20, 30, or 60, it really doesn’t matter. Stop worrying about your age…and start living your life.


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