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WATCH: What Red Wine Can and Can’t Do for Your Health

Is red wine actually good for you?

We’ve all heard the recent studies that claim red wine is good for you. Indeed, there are some positive components to drinking red wine. However, after you watch this video, you might be surprised at how red wine might not be all that people are espousing it to be.

We know this might be a bummer to some of you who absolutely love drinking red wine. We’re not saying to stop drinking it completely. But, if you are partaking in it because you think it is good for you, think again. There are many other things that people don’t usually mention when it comes to the benefits of drinking red wine.

After watching this video, you can make a more informed decision on how much to add to your diet.  After all, wine is a part of our culture. We use wine to celebrate with friends and family, and to enhance our meals. There is definitely a cultural and social component to sharing a glass of wine.  But if you drink wine on a daily basis, it might not be helping you as much as you’ve been told.

So, come with us as we take a look at exactly what red wine can and can’t do for our health.  Some of the information in this video just might surprise you! It came as a surprise to us and we wondered why no one had mentioned it to us before. As always, alcohol in moderation is a good thing, but now you can see scientific proof as to why this is so. So, enjoy a glass of wine now and then, but realize it is not the miracle elixir we’ve been made to think that it is.


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