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WATCH: What Most People Don’t Know About Birth Control

Did you know these interesting facts about birth control?

If you think that birth control is a modern invention, think again.  Did you know that fertility control has been around since the ancient times? Ancient Egyptians used honey, acacia leaves, and lint that they put into the vagina to block sperm from entering the uterus.

In Persia in the 9th and 10th centuries, physicians used elephant dung and cabbages as a means of birth control! In South Asia they used palm leaves, red chalk, and rock salt for birth control prescriptions. Indeed, the concept of controlling birth has been around for centuries.

Today’s birth control is said to have liberated the modern woman in the late 1960s. The pill enabled women to engage in sexual intercourse without the fear of pregnancy. She was now able to have more control over family planning. If she opted for a career outside of raising children, she could do so. This gave women more options for their future.

Also, sex was not seen for procreation only, but also as a means of recreation. Unmarried couples didn’t have to worry about the social stigma of having children out of wedlock. Women now had more control over their own bodies and futures.

Today, there are many forms of birth control. With so many options available today, no wonder there are so many misconceptions concerning each one.  This is an interesting video to understand which option is best for you if you are considering going on birth control.  After all, every woman is different and has unique, personal needs, and understanding your options is always vital for your own health and well-being!


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