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WATCH: Top 9 Fittest Cities in the US

Where are the top fittest cities in the country?

New fitness trends are always taking the country by storm. It’s always a common resolution at New Year’s, which makes perfect sense as most of us would like to lose a bit of weight and tone up to look and feel better. As we age, we want to turn back time and fitness and diet have a lot to do with this.

We want to perform better at work, keep up with our kids, and feel like we are looking our best at all times. Basically, we want to feel good about ourselves. Nothing is more important than our health and some cities are really emphasizing the overall wellness of its citizens. The trend is catching on as large populations of people are beginning to lose weight, get more active, and engage in sports now more than ever!

So, let’s take a look at the top nine fittest cities in the United States.  Some of these cities lend themselves to fitness because of the great outdoors. After all, if you are next to a gorgeous beach or near majestic mountains, it makes it all the more inviting for you to enjoy hiking, walking, or beach combing. Some cities encourage riding your bike to work rather than taking your car or public transportation. And they offer beautiful city parks to bike, jog, and play games such as Frisbee and hackysack.   Some of these cities might surprise you as they are hardly on the map for anything else but fitness!

But hopefully these nine cities will stand as shining examples to others across the United States to make fitness and health a priority! After all, isn’t your health really the most important thing in life?


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